Looking for autumn Huai'an, playing in the canal, exploring the charm of intangible cultural heritage, beautiful scenery, delicious food, Huaihai play is super exciting

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Looking for autumn Huai'an, playing in the canal, exploring the charm of intangible cultural heritage, beautiful scenery, delicious food, Huaihai play is super exciting

The laurels are full of laurels, the autumn orchid is affable, and the world is dawning and dusk, and one leaf knows the autumn. Among all the festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the most romantic. During this year's Mid-Autumn Festival trip, I came to Huai'an, a famous city in northern Jiangsu. The history of the city's establishment in 2200 has endowed Huai'an with a profound cultural heritage. The reputation of China's canal capital. The autumn tour of Huai'an coincides with the intangible cultural heritage feast of the Li Canal. In the ripples of the water, I started my slow travel in Huai'an. The splendid canal scenery, the mouth-watering canal delicacies, and the long-lasting intangible cultural heritage opera opened in front of us. A picture of Huaian in all shades. [About the pre-trip preparations for Huai'an trip] 1. The weather in Huai'an in autumn is very comfortable, the temperature is between 18-28 degrees, and it is slightly cool in the morning and evening. Short-sleeved clothes and long-sleeved thin shirts are fine. 2. Huai'an's itinerary is mainly based on intangible cultural heritage. During the day, you can take a walk along the scenery along the Li Canal. There are many small and beautiful check-in points. 4. Huai'an has a feast of intangible cultural heritage along the canal. There are many cultural and creative products and intangible cultural heritage snacks along the Zhongzhou Island. When you walk around, you can eat very satisfied. The shoes on the journey are very important, and they must be comfortable. . 5. The necessary photo equipment, camera phone tripod, I brought here a DJI drone, a Sony A7R2 and an Apple mobile phone. There is also a charging treasure that is also necessary. Let me remind you that the night in Qingjiangpu is beautiful, remember to take a photo.

1. The Fifth China (Huai'an) Grand Canal City Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

Huai'an is a city with profound historical and cultural heritage. In the long historical development, many intangible cultural heritages have been left behind. This time I came to Huai'an to travel to coincide with the 5th China (Huai'an) Grand Canal City Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition and the first Huaihai Opera Art Exhibition in Jiangsu Province. , wonderful opera performances came on stage one after another, and more than 90 intangible cultural heritage projects in 8 provinces along the Grand Canal were unveiled, which opened our eyes. Huaihai Opera, as a drama familiar to people in northern Jiangsu, has a profound history of more than 200 years and is also one of the national intangible cultural heritage. With a strong local flavor, the singing is not colorful, the language is witty and humorous, and many of the contents are singing local rural life and some folk stories, which are very popular with the local people in Huaian. Huai'an is a city that divides the north and the south. It has a prosperous literary style and many famous people. Wu Chengen, the author of Journey to the West, is a native of Huai'an. At the end of Tongxiang Lane in Hexia Ancient Town in Huai'an, there is Wu Chengen's former residence, and there is a West Amusement Park at No. 6 Xiyou Avenue in Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. The culture of Journey to the West and the culture and creativity of Journey to the West are reflected in the streets and alleys of Huai'an. In this 5th China (Huai'an) Grand Canal City Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition and the first Huaihai Opera Art Exhibition Month in Jiangsu Province, we can enjoy the wonderful Huaihai Opera with 8 major operas and 4 small opera excerpts totaling 12 performances. For fans of performances, it is a visual feast.

2. Royal Wharf and Guoshi Pagoda

The early autumn in Huai'an is cool. In the morning, my friends and I walked along the Li Canal for a long cultural tour. Stroll along the corridor to find the cultural symbols belonging to this city of canals. The canal cultural corridor starts from Dazhakou in the north and ends at Tangzi Lane in the south. The reputation of Huai'an Canal Capital is also endowed with a long-lasting charm because of the canal culture. Friends who have been to Huai'an must be familiar with the Guoshi Pagoda. As a landmark building in Qingjiangpu, it was built during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. It was built to commemorate the teacher of the Shunzhi Emperor, Yulin Guoshi. The whole tower is 62 meters high. , Many travel enthusiasts come to Huai'an to travel, and they will check in and take pictures here. Huai'an, as a city with ships from the south to the north, and a thoroughfare of nine provinces, had a very important position in ancient times. Qingjiangpu was the command center of national water transportation. The imperial wharf was built in the sixth year of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty. The Royal Wharf is full of merchants and prosperous. When you come to Huai'an, you must remember to go to Yu Wharf Food Street. You can taste many intangible cultural heritage snacks when you come here recently.

3. Chenpan Ergong Temple

Walking along Qingjiangpu, a quiet and elegant place is Chenpan Ergong Temple, here It was built for the worship of Chen Xuan, the first military officer of Caoyun during the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty.

4. Night Tour of Zhongzhou Island: Intangible Cultural Heritage Food

When night falls, the wonderful nightlife in Huaian also slowly kicks off , Along the Zhongzhou Island, all kinds of special snacks have appeared one after another, such as Canal Good Food Club, Canal Snack Shop, Double "Noodles", Huai'an Good Taste, "World Food Capital" Shuangcheng Ji 5 major sections gathered Wenlou soup dumplings, Qinhuai Snacks, Fuchun refreshments, Jinhua ham, Lu'an melon slices and other intangible cultural heritage food items along the Grand Canal, one-stop "package" good taste along the canal, happy people shuttle, looking for their own food code. There are also many delicacies on the tip of the tongue in Huai'an. Changyu noodles, Yangchun noodles, Chasa, Pingqiao tofu, Wenlou soup dumplings, and Qingong fish balls are all worth tasting. It is a pleasant and beautiful thing to visit Huai'an in autumn. After visiting the intangible cultural heritage feast of the Li Canal, and then continuing along the rippling Li Canal, the rabbit lights in the hands of many tourists complement the beautiful scenery of the canal. , in front of us opened a picture of Huaian in all shades. I love Jiangnan in autumn, pavilions and pavilions, canals, chess, calligraphy and painting, elegant gardens, beautiful and timeless, Huai'an has many famous people since ancient times, there are endless stories and legends, Huai'an in autumn, beautiful food and intangible cultural heritage , which brings us a different travel experience. The day and night in Huai'an have different beauty. After night falls, Qingjiangpu, the lanterns are beginning to light up, and the lights are dim. During the wandering, it is like walking into a bright and gorgeous picture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a kind of classical graceful beauty. The autumn wind is swaying, the autumn is strong, looking for the autumn Huai'an, opening the picture of this canal capital, the mighty autumn colors are slowly spreading out, this is the Jiangnan Dream Hualu belonging to the Chinese people, in Huai'an, all the Warm and sassy will all belong to you.

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