The 10 most worthwhile places in Switzerland, are you tempted?

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The 10 most worthwhile places in Switzerland, are you tempted?

Switzerland is highly developed. It is not only one of the richest countries in the world with the highest standard of living, but also a resort with beautiful scenery and charming scenery, which is known as a world park. Walking into Switzerland is like walking into a world that is as beautiful as a fairy tale. So, how beautiful is Switzerland, and what are the most worthy places to check in?


Interlaken is located in the canton of Bern, Switzerland, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, as the main route to the Jungfrau It is an important gateway to the city, where the climate is mild, the lakes and mountains are beautiful, and the environment is beautiful. It is known for its beautiful scenery throughout the year and is a world-famous tourist city. This is a small lakeside town with a strong holiday style. There are graceful snow-capped mountains, clear lake water, clean and quiet streets, and chic cottages. The atmosphere is ancient and full of culture. As early as the Victorian era in the early 19th century, here It is already a famous resort and is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Interlaken is a beautiful town. The architecture here is very beautiful, there are many medieval buildings and fortresses, the ancient town of Untersain built in 1279, the church preserved in the 14th century, the town hall built in the 17th century, and a variety of colorful and beautifully decorated houses , are worth stopping to appreciate, the beauty of Interlaken lies in elegance, tranquility, serenity, a shocking pure beauty.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland, located between Geneva and Zurich, but compared with these two famous Swiss cities, Bern is too low-key. There is not even a large international airport, and many people forget that it is the capital, but it is a city with profound heritage and great charm. In 1983, Bern was listed as a world cultural heritage. Bern was built in 1191 and became the capital of Switzerland in 1848. This ancient city with a medieval style has a unique temperament, serene, quiet, classical and noble. Although it is expensive as the capital, it does not have the feasts and luxuries of the metropolis, and it is as quiet as a village. There is very little noise, the great writer Goethe once lived here, and praised "this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen".


Zermatt is a beautiful town in Switzerland, located among the peaks of the Alps and is world famous for its car-free pollution The tourist resort, because seventy years ago, cars were forbidden to enter here. Now there are only battery cars and no cars. It is beautiful, quiet and peaceful. It can be called the "Xanadu" written by Tao Yuanming. The Matterhorn is the fifth highest peak in the Alps, with an altitude of 4478 meters. The peaks are peculiar in shape and have a pyramid-like appearance. The spires point straight to the sky and are a symbol of Switzerland. The town of Zermatt is located at the foot of the Matterhorn. There are 38 peaks above 4,000 meters in the Alps surrounding Zermatt. There is a summer ski resort with the second largest vertical drop in the world. The ski slopes are 245 kilometers long. From here, you can ski all the way to Italy. With views of majestic peaks and glaciers on the ski side, it is a paradise for skiers from all over the world.


This medieval city is a treasured travel destination in Switzerland. If you go to Germany, you must see Swan Castle, and if you go to France, you must see Saint Michel Ershan, then when you come to Switzerland to see the castle, you must go to Bellinzona. Although Bellinzona is the capital of the Swiss canton of Ticino, it is full of Italian style. Bellinzona is located at a traffic hub and has been a battleground for military since ancient times. The three most famous medieval castles here are the Romans. Built, the three castles were inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2000. In addition to seeing the castle, you must also visit the market. There are many boutiques and cafes here. You can stay in a daze in the sun, drink coffee, taste the most authentic Italian food, and feel the Italian-style slow and leisurely. Life.


Appenzell is a famous cheese town, known for its picturesque countryside, in northeastern Switzerland, Although there are no mountains, glaciers, and lakes, there are Switzerland's iconic green pastoral fields, pastures and dairy cows. It has a strong rural style and is the purest village in Switzerland to preserve the original culture and way of life. The town has many colorful houses decorated with colorful murals, like the scenery on a postcard, full of cultural atmosphere. Various boutique shops are full of colorful decorations. In this fairy tale town Shopping here is very relaxing.


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the world's financial centers. Although it is very rich, the pace of life is slow. An intriguing city, it has been rated as one of the most livable cities in the world for many times, and it is also a city that cannot be missed in a lifetime. Zurich is a leisurely "paradise on earth". Walking on the streets, you can see lush jungles, green grass, sparkling Lake Zurich and the spires of ancient churches, as well as the exquisite display windows of the buildings on both sides of the street. As beautiful as the legend, the otherworldly "life like a fairy" is nothing more than that.


This is a small town in the mountains of Bern, Switzerland. A paradise for walking and cycling. There are many snow-capped mountains here. In spring, the snow melts and more than 70 waterfalls are formed, so it is also called the most beautiful waterfall town in Switzerland. There are many good-looking houses here, scattered in different parts, located in the mountains and on both sides of the road. Most of the houses are built of wood. Every household uses colorful flowers to decorate the windows, balconies and doorways, not to mention how elegant, in such a small town Finding a B&B here for two days should be a rare experience in life.

Spitz Town

Spitz Town is one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland, located more than 30 kilometers southeast of Bern. Snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes and villages scattered in the countryside constitute a soft and serene and intoxicating picture, which is a veritable wonderland on earth. The whole town is built along Lake Thun, surrounded by mountains and rivers, as well as a large area of ​​grape terraces. Looking around, it happens that the town's railway station is located at the highest point of the town. When you get off the train, you can see the lake and mountains at a glance. , the town has a panoramic view. Spiez Castle is the landmark building of the town. The castle was built in 1200. The exterior is in the medieval Bernese architectural style, and the interior decoration is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art forms. It is simple and elegant. One of the few monuments.

Wengen Town

This is the Swiss town with the most Alpine style and has a long-standing reputation in Europe. It is the closest town to the Jungfraujoch, with scattered dwellings. On the hillside between forests and meadows, the town is often surrounded by clouds and mist, and whether it is skiing in winter or hiking in summer, tourists are constantly flowing throughout the year. This is one of the few towns without cars in Switzerland. The towns without cars are more peaceful and clean. This is the transfer station for the train to the Jungfrau, so people travel by train. Because of the high altitude, the trains used here A gear is added to the rails, which is a train that can climb mountains. The town of Wengen is beautiful and the view is invincible. Here you can see not only the snow-capped mountains in the distance, but also the canyons at your feet. No matter from which angle you take pictures, you will feel like a blockbuster. This is the best place to appreciate the Jungfrau. It is a town worth staying for two days and tasting slowly. .


Lucerne, also known as Lucerne, was founded in the 8th century and is one of the largest summer resorts in Switzerland. The Reuss River flows from the middle of the city. However, many bridges such as Capel connect the two banks, the snow peaks of the Alps, the blue and clear lake water, and the medieval buildings complement each other, and the picturesque scenery is unforgettable. Lucerne has beautiful scenery. Although the city is not big, it preserves various historical buildings with beautiful murals, medieval churches, towers, Renaissance palaces, old houses, various statues, fountains, and century-old buildings. There are many old shops, long streets and ancient alleys. Coming here is like being in the Middle Ages. The Capel Bridge and the Octagonal Water Tower are well-known landmarks in Lucerne, and the buildings most often appear on Swiss postcards. The Lion Monument, built to commemorate the 786 Swiss guards who died fighting to protect Louis XVI during the French Revolution in 1792, is a symbol of Swiss loyalty and perseverance. Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztagh, let us see the world together.

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