Rural Tourism Planning and Design|Green Train Cafe

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Rural Tourism Planning and Design|Green Train Cafe

In this thousand-year-old town, there is a cafe that was transformed by a green-skin train! When people come to Chongqing, they will go to the well-known Jiefangbei, Hongya Cave, Ciqikou, the Yangtze River Cableway... but often miss the secret place in the city that is unknown in the boudoir! This city is filled with cultural heritage everywhere, surrounded by greenery, surrounded by water on both sides, and lined with shops and banners fluttering. It is not as lively as Ciqikou, but Masangxi Ancient Town has the charm of a thousand years.
Although it is not as crowded as Ciqikou, Masangxi Ancient Town has more tenderness accumulated over the years. The quaint town and the majestic Ma Sangxi Bridge are mixed and blended, which is unique! The ancient town faces the Yangtze River, which has been quietly flowing here for thousands of years. Ma Sangxi, a small town by the ferry, has witnessed the ups and downs of several generations of Chongqing people in the prosperity and decline. The times are constantly changing, people no longer take boats to cross the river, but the years have drawn a strong historical imprint on this old street. Now walking in the ancient town, there are three streets and nine alleys, showing the simplicity and charm. Dressing houses, stilted houses, and tea houses can be seen everywhere, and the steaming food is filled with the cheapest fireworks in the world. Taking the memory of the green leather train cafe, the slowness of the ancient town has become literary and romantic.
The carriages swayed regularly, the sound of the bang bang bang bang was from near to far, and the scenery outside the car window with traces of the years roared past, warm and warm. The sunshine and warm air fell on my face... The memory of the green-skinned train was flickering and vague, swaying in the back of my mind.... The old Chengdu-Chongqing railway next to the ancient town of Ma Sangxi will be replaced every once in a while. There was a faint roar, and it was the train whizzing past. Outside the railway parapet, there is an abandoned green-skin carriage standing here. The youthful memories of riding the green-skin train buzzed in your head, caught off guard and dazed, and your curiosity made you eager to approach it and find out. The moment you opened the door, you unconsciously exclaimed "Wow"! There are old black and white photos hanging chaotically, army green sofas neatly arranged, white marble tables inlaid with gold rims, windowsills with flying tulle... quiet and warm. The sound of the whistle outside the window is in harmony with the cordiality deep inside, and this place has become a "hard seat No. 22 cafe". Above the entrance door hangs the car's previous serial number "YZ 30842" and the number of passengers it can accommodate "capacity 118". In the past, how many people carefully carried the wrinkled ticket and sat in this carriage of more than 70 square meters, traveling from south to north, bustling and bustling. Everyone chatted and laughed in different dialects, swaying to the destination on the other side of the ticket. Sitting on a single sofa wrapped in apple green or Tiffany blue, the sun is pouring on the flowing white gauze curtain, the light spots are flickering on the table, and the floating dust is dancing in the air, forming a wonderful picture , people's heart can not help but jump up. From time to time, the train galloping past the window dragged people to dreamland. In the dream, it was still the green leather train moving forward slowly. The flowers outside the window were bright and bright, and the fragrance of plants and trees swayed into the mixed carriages... Abandoned green leather carriages, cleverly built into a cafe for taking memories
In the smoky and rickety carriages, different dialects and smells are mixed, everyone is crowded and dirty, accompanied by roars Sound fell asleep. Those little-known stations make people fascinated. In the deep mountains, outside the village... Liu Jie, when he came across this abandoned green-skin train, he hit it off right away, and he built the green-skin carriage that was originally planned to be a barbecue shop. "Take it" decisively. Quickly get a friend to think about the design, and come up with a design plan within a week. During the whole process, everyone seemed to hit it off and were looking forward to the green-skin train that was about to be transformed. If there is no electricity or water, then try to find ways to coordinate with various departments, and dig a nearby trench to connect to the electricity and water supply. In order to maintain the original appearance of the car as much as possible, Liu Jie spent his best efforts to find the same electric fan that once hung on the top of the car, and kept the original lampshade belonging to the green leather car. As for the removal of the old boiler, there is a lot of murmur. There will be more space if it is dismantled, but it loses the old sense of history of the green leather train. In the end, the sentiment defeats the commercial standard. He even used his personal connections to make inquiries, hoping to find the same aluminum-clad iron window as before. There are interesting memories in the old days and I am looking for interesting new ways. This article is reproduced on the Internet. Some pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the editor to deal with it! read more, walk more. Read Dao Culture Travel is honored to share this article with you! Not landing, not creative, if you have a good material case, please leave a message below to share~

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