So beautiful! A night tour of Pujiang is the correct way to open Shanghai, and you can deeply appreciate the magic of Shanghai.

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So beautiful! A night tour of Pujiang is the correct way to open Shanghai, and you can deeply appreciate the magic of Shanghai.

The Huangpu River is always rushing forward, leaving too many stories along the way. From the exclamation when I first boarded the Pujiang cruise ship in my childhood, I now board the cruise ship to see the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait. In the past few decades, Shanghai has developed rapidly, and the visual wonders are all over the place! Driving under the starry night with bright lights, the landscapes with different characteristics on both sides of the strait come into view, making people daydream. If you have time, go to experience the night tour of Pujiang again. The left eye can appreciate the ever-changing Pudong;

"C position" to see the night view of Huangpu River

From Puxi Wanguo Architecture Expo, Waibaidu Bridge, Shanghai People's Heroes Monument, to Pudong Lujiazui landmarks, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower, all reveal the unique romantic feelings of the Magic City. The dazzling "Golden Dragon" on the Huangpu River shuttles through the brilliance, lingers among the high-rise buildings, enjoys the charm of the magic capital, and enjoys the exquisite buffet, and satisfies the taste buds while admiring the World Architecture Expo.

Buffet food is endless

A variety of iced seafood, refreshing cold dishes, old Shanghai pickled fresh and fresh bread, it is a refreshing and charming Jiangnan style ;Japanese curry beef brisket, Thai fried chicken, baked oysters with sea salt cheese, and steamed snapper with Yunnan chicken and mushrooms, all of which are all over the world; Chinese steamed desserts, Western desserts, and fresh fruits are all available, making the exploration of food and beauty a complete success ending.

Luxurious style dragon boat

The design and decoration of the dragon boat contain the concept of Chinese style, based on the traditional Chinese dragon, the lifelike dragon The body is surrounded by a six-layer hull, and the scales made of thin copper are scorching in the sun; decorated with colorful lights in the night, the spirit is bright and alive, like a dragon that flies out of the water and advances bravely. The top floor of the ship is also designed in the shape of ancient Chinese buildings, and there is a lounge that looks like the Temple of Heaven. Not only the shape of the ship, but also Chinese elements such as peony, flying dragon and auspicious clouds can be seen everywhere in the interior of the ship, which is quite distinctive. Standing on the deck of the cruise ship and letting the river wind blow, this may be one of the most relaxing ways to vacation! Are you sure you don't want to experience it?
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