How to get the feeling of freedom like the wind in the city?

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How to get the feeling of freedom like the wind in the city?

Frisbee, camping, biking, are you up to the play trend this year? There are still many doubts about cycling: will bicycles be stolen in big cities? (Weak and weak in a small county, ask about a bicycle with more than 10,000... well, I am a frog in the bottom of the well, can I come up with a how to park it, and experienced netizens will share: the car is best placed in a place where there are many people and monitoring, try not to Staying in an unoccupied corner for a long time; the owner of the car shop said: If you lose it and report it to the police in time, he said that if you bought it for 3,000 yuan, you can basically solve the case and ride is not a new thing, but when more and more When more people began to ride more professionally and pay more attention to environmental protection, cycling became popular again. "Have you been riding? On social media, you can not only find a variety of attractive bicycles when you search for bicycles. Photos, tips, and all kinds of cycling activities. In order to let the young people who go out to tidy up and ride out have a "worthy trip" experience, some cycling activities also include coffee tasting, picnics and other activities. In addition to motivating each other with the people who ride with you, maybe you can make new friends. Lila is a white-collar worker in Shanghai, and she has been thinking about buying a bicycle for a long time. This summer, Lila finally likes to pick up a new car, and this bicycle can carry Her expectations for life, after being locked at home for three months due to the epidemic, cycling has become an attempt at a new way of life. "When riding a bicycle, it is very close to a state of freedom, and the direction and speed are controlled by oneself, not in a hurry or slow. Be in a hurry.” The trend in Beijing started from Chang’an Avenue. The bicycle lanes on the way to and from work became crowded. Shared bicycles, folding bikes, and mountain bikes were crowded together. Once the congested road is over, you can enjoy the wind blowing on your face. It’s fun. But when the weather conditions and air quality are not good, riding for 40 minutes to work will get you a face of dirt. In order to stay away from the crowded subway in the morning and evening peaks, some people in Guangzhou are willing to get up early, put on cycling clothes, and ride to the company. Putting on work clothes, getting tanned and getting stronger is much better than turning into canned sardines. On weekends, you can spend plenty of time "low-altitude flight". However, it is not recommended to use shared bicycles. Cycling for 10 kilometers will cause your butt to hurt, and it will not consume much. Calories, at best, the parking lot is large. To "fly", you can ride a road bike or a mountain bike, come 100 kilometers, and enjoy the tranquility in the natural places around the city. Road bikes are a bit intimidating, no matter what the price, the average It looks very handsome and can meet the needs of long-distance cross-province and cross-city travel and riding. The entry price of mountain bikes is more affordable, the speed is lower, it is safer for novices, and the road requirements are relatively low, and the road is not afraid of potholes. More There are many options for expensive and more professional bicycles, but they are too cheap and too expensive to be built. If it is just commuting and daily exercise, you don't need to invest a lot of money to get the happiness of "wind chaser". If you are not sure if you can Persevere and ride shared bicycles first. "How did we fall in love with cycling? Bicycles allow humans to rely on their own power to become the fastest animals on land, and they are environmentally friendly and emission-free. However, people in the 18th century had not thought of racing, Environmentally friendly these things, but thinking about the situation after the carriage was narrowed. In the 19th century, different inventors and engineers made changes and contributions to the emergence of modern bicycles. In 1885, British engineer John Kemp Starley designed a design called "Safety "Safety bicycle" is a new type of bicycle with the same size front and rear wheels and geared to increase speed, which is basically what our modern bicycle looks like. But everyone is still full of imagination about what a bicycle can become. The Dutchman Bruin Bergmeester was dissatisfied with the speed of the bicycle, and replaced the pedals of the bicycle with a flat plate similar to the treadmill running belt. The treadmill and the bicycle were combined, and the speed could reach a maximum of 25km/h. He provided sales and rental services. Cuban Félix Ramón Guirola Cepero is not looking for speed, he is obsessed with building tall bikes. He has made 3m high and 6m high bikes and is still making higher bikes. In addition to all kinds of novelty bicycles, the city has also made great efforts to create a cycling-friendly environment for citizens to ride. Especially in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, more than 62% of residents use bicycles as a means of travel. As early as the last century, bicycle network planning was proposed, and bicycle infrastructure and related policies were perfected. For example, the number of parking spaces for motor vehicles is reduced by 2% every year, so that bicycles can be parked; there are slopes where there are steps, and bicycles can be pushed through; there are exclusive bicycle traffic lights, bicycle travel routes, forums and other apps to enhance everyone's riding experience. Hangzhou is also a cycling-friendly city. The riding experience in Xihu District is very good. The roads are relatively simple. Everyone basically obeys the traffic rules. When riding along the bicycle path, you can see the ancient buildings and ancient trees along the way. "Hangzhou's slow-moving system has very good hardware facilities, such as relatively independent spaces, a complete road network, and dedicated signals and awnings at intersections." "Where to ride in autumn? Don't go far, in the city , you can experience the fun of riding in early autumn. In Shanghai, the Puxi Riverside Cycling Line is about 6km long, and you can complete the ride without any effort. Along the way, you can check in the Shanghai Power Station of Art, teamLab Wujie Art Museum, Qinjian Spring Garden, and the World Expo. Museums, etc. The Pudong Binjiang Cycling Line is about 20km in length. Many people like to ride here. The whole process is basically a plastic cycling track. There are several "Wangjiang Station" stations to provide cycling enthusiasts with water, rest and borrowing books. and other services, art lovers can visit Yicang Art Museum, Aurora Museum, Wangjiang Station, 1862 Fashion Art Center, etc. along the way. If you want to ride on the city streets, you can have a cup of coffee when you are tired. Beijing can ride There are also many routes. Search the Beijing Second Ring Road directly on the map and ride along the route. Taking advantage of the high autumn weather, the temperature is just right, and long-distance cycling is very comfortable. In the North Second Ring Road, you can go around the hutong and have a look. Go to a good restaurant, and rely on your own stomach. The trendy play route can start from Jiangfu Park and Langyuan Station. The park is suitable for walking. Entering Langyuan Station, there are many choices for eating, drinking and playing, then go to Chaoyang Park, The international style waterfront of Liangma River, passing through major shopping malls, it may be inevitable to stop and buy. Guangzhou rides along the new central axis - Taigucang, the lights in the city at night are swaying in the water, the climate is relatively cool, about 13 kilometers If you want to exercise and lose weight, don’t be stopped by the Cantonese cuisine along the way. In Taiyuan, there is a 75-kilometer riverside bicycle path, which is very popular, but a friendly reminder that “a bicycle path is not a race track”, you can ride leisurely in the city When you go to a new city, pay attention to pedestrians and road conditions, and don’t just go fast. Every city has roads that are suitable for riding. Next time you go to a new city, you can ride a bicycle at a rhythm that is faster than the pace and slower than the speed of the car. Different faces of the streets and alleys. Compared to just going to the scenic spots, riding a bicycle can get a better understanding of the place where you are, seeing the steaming hot food at the breakfast shop, the decoration of various shops on the roadside, the interaction of pedestrians... ...Are you ready to "fly at low altitude"?🚴‍♀️🚴Before starting, you must know the knowledge of safe riding: you must wear a helmet and corresponding protective gear correctly when riding; you should choose a dedicated lane for riding; If there is no dedicated lane, you must also ride on the right side of the non-motorized lane; obey the traffic rules when riding; do not ride with one hand. In addition, you must be able to repair the car, change tires, repair tires, etc. are basic skills, long-distance riding , but there is no uncle who can repair cars waiting for you at any time. Reference: Voicer, "Wait Goodbye to Shared Bikes, Why Do They Buy Their Own Cars?" Li Shenmiao, "Commuting by Bike, These 12 Tips Can Save Your Life" Chen Shulian , "Cycling is hot, but the city has to become friendlier" Citipedia, "In the post-epidemic era, the Netherlands will build a car-free community for tens of thousands of residents", "Hangzhou Daily", "Let's see Hangzhou builds a smart green paradise Behind the "embroidery "Husband"" editor | Some of Ella Kang's pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete - end - Where did you ride last time? Share it with us through comments and comments~ If you like this article, then move your finger and click [watching] at the bottom right~ You May Also Like

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