The guy from Xi'an met the old man from Shandong for the first time. It cost 369 yuan to order 5 dishes and 1 wine.

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The guy from Xi'an met the old man from Shandong for the first time. It cost 369 yuan to order 5 dishes and 1 wine.

It is said that "the ugly daughter-in-law has to see the in-laws", but in fact, the son-in-law can't get around this hurdle! No, a few days ago, there was a young man in Xi'an who went to Shandong to meet his father-in-law. When we met for the first time, the young man ordered 5 dishes and 1 wine. He even shouted: "It's not in vain!" The young man's surname is Wang. He lives in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. He is almost 30 years old this year. Xiao Wang was a good boy when he was a child. His neighbors mentioned him without thumbs up. When he grew up, Xiao Wang lived up to the expectations and was admitted to the local taxation system. The bureau, holding up the iron rice bowl, when Lao Wang heard the news, he said "My Lao Wang's family finally has a character" in his mouth, and he was so happy that he didn't sleep well for several days. Not long ago, Xiao Wanghe talked about his girlfriend of several years, and had the idea of ​​getting married. So Xiao Wang took some time, bought a lot of cigarettes and alcohol, and went straight to his girlfriend's hometown - Caoxian County, Shandong Province. Said that her daughter was going to bring her boyfriend back, so she cleaned up the house early in the morning, and changed her clothes on the same day, for fear of embarrassing her daughter. Xiao Wang and his girlfriend left at around 11 pm. At noon the next day, the two finally came to his girlfriend's house. After a few simple greetings, the old husband was considerate enough to let Xiao Wang rest, and Xiao Wang drove for about 12 hours. In the car, I was too sleepy early, so I immediately went to sleep to replenish my stamina. At about 7:00 pm, Xiao Wang woke up. Seeing that his mother-in-law was going to wash rice and cook, he immediately said that he would go out to eat. After the old husband and his mother-in-law declined a few words, they followed Xiao Wang out. The four of Xiao Wang came to a nearby restaurant and saw the environment. All aspects are not bad, just sat down and started ordering food. After a while, 4 people ordered 5 dishes and 1 wine, and they pulled out the home cooking and waited for the food to be served. Xiao Wang took the time to go to the toilet and settled the bill by the way. This conclusion surprised Xiao Wang. It turned out that these 5 dishes and 1 wine were only 369 yuan, which is too good, right? Moreover, when the food and drinks came, Xiao Wang praised one after another: This trip was not in vain, it was so worth it! What kind of food and drinks did Xiao Wang order? Can Xiao Wang praise him like that? Below, let's take a look.

Let's take a look at the drinks first:

Xiao Wang came here today, but he has a serious business. He didn't want to order drinks, but Mr. Seeing someone drinking at the next table, the worms in my stomach kept screaming, so I ordered a bottle of "Yende Imitation Taiwan Wine". Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is produced in Guizhou. The winery and Moutai belong to the same production area. The raw materials and crafts used are also the best high-quality glutinous sorghum and Kunsha ancient method in the industry. The brewing alone takes as long as one year. No wonder it can be produced in Guizhou. , Lu, Beijing, etc. occupy a place. The color of the imitation Taiwan wine turns yellow, and the moment you enter it, the sauce is mellow and rich, the wine is full and rich, and the sour and bitter tastes are coordinated. It is a pity that the person in charge of the winery put all his attention on winemaking, and did not pay much attention to publicity and exposure, resulting in not much fame.

Looking at 5 more dishes:

Xiao Wang invited my father-in-law to dinner for the first time today. Afraid of not being able to finish the meal, I only ordered 5 dishes. However, although the dishes were few, the portion of Shandong dishes was quite large, and it was enough for 4 people. Now, let's take a look, 3 of the 5 dishes, let's all look at each other and see if the 369 is worth it? The first one: sweet and sour carp (65 yuan) comes to Shandong, and if you don't eat a sweet and sour carp, then it's simply a no-brainer! Sweet and sour carp is one of the representative dishes of Shandong cuisine. It first started in Luokou Town, an important town on the Yellow River. After it was spread to Jinan, it gradually became a traditional famous dish in Jinan and was welcomed by many diners. Sweet and sour carp is made from carp. When placing the dish, the head and tail must be raised high, which means "fish leaping over the dragon gate". Compared with other people, I prefer this dish with sweet and sour sugar. Vinegar sauce, take it with rice, you can eat 1 more bowl of rice. The second dish: Mushu meat (18 pieces) Mushu meat, also known as "alfalfa meat" and "Confucian cuisine", belongs to one of Shandong cuisine. Mushu meat is made by mixing pork, eggs and fungus. Because the egg yolk is small and looks like "Mushu", it is called Mushu meat. In layman's terms, this dish is actually fried eggs from other places. Meat. I heard from the older generation that this dish was a court dish in the early years. Because of the fear of taboos, the word "egg" was hidden and it was called mushu meat. Whether this statement is true or not, there are older generations do you know? The third dish: Jiuzhuan Large Intestine (58 pieces) Jiuzhuan Large Intestine is a dish that you can never get tired of eating if you like it, and can't take a bite if you hate it. Jiuzhuan large intestine, from Jinan, Shandong Province, is a famous dish in Shandong. It is mainly made of pig large intestine, and it is roasted with minced green onion, ginger and garlic. Its color is like agate, its texture is soft and chewy, and it is suitable for eating. However. It is said that Jiuzhuan Large Intestine came out as early as the Guangxu period. Since the owner opened nine stores, people shouted and shouted braised large intestines as Jiuzhuan Large Intestine. The above is the 5 dishes and 1 wine ordered by Xiao Wang. Do you think it is worth it? Let's chat! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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