Where to travel in October? Advice for you, beautiful and attractive destinations

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Where to travel in October? Advice for you, beautiful and attractive destinations

The trip in October is likely to be a favorite place for many travel lovers to travel. Each regional tour has a unique Central Tour and Go feature. Whether traveling north, or traveling in October, you should travel in October.
  • It's fall time - winter, and nature and landscapes are extremely peaceful and poetic.
  • The weather is cool and pleasant for travel and entertainment.
  • There are often promotions to stimulate travel, so you can easily book flights and hotel rooms at low prices.
If you're still wondering where to go in October, a trip to Can Tho would be a fitting suggestion. Not only can you explore the bustling Cai Lang Floating Market or the poetic Ning Qiao Wharf, but you can also taste the unique delicacies of Xijiang culture, such as goby, vermicelli, cork hot pot and more. …2.1.2. October An Giang Tourism One of the best western attractions in October is probably here in An Giang. This tourist attraction attracts tourists with its charming natural scenery, historical relics and beautiful sights. It is also a cultural attraction in Beijing, etc. Newcomers explore at night. Is October is also the latest column of water lilies, especially the "queue" row that joins the water lilies. 2.1.3. Are the beaches beautiful in October? Phu Quoc October is when you shouldn't travel far to Phu Quoc. At this time, it coincides with the National Day, and the sea breeze is calm and the waves are calm. You can choose to stay at Vinpearl Phu Quoc, which is more convenient in the process of moving and exploring the pearl. Modern, high-grade hotels and facilities, five-star service and system will definitely bring you a wonderful vacation. 2.2. Travel 2.2.1 in the Midlands in October. When is the quietest season to travel to Hue in October? Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit 2.2.2. October Port Tourism Tour If you don't choose to travel in Da Nang in October, it will be a pity. At this time, Da Nang's sea, blue sky, faint sunshine, fresh air. Here you can take a bath, take part in a variety of games, play on the water or visit the sights. Don't miss your Da Nang travel itinerary in October. 2.2.3. Quang Binh Tourism in October Quang Binh is one of the tourist paradises in Vietnam, and the "so deep" check-in photos are enough to make you have interesting discoveries. Don't overlook Quang Binh's famous tourist destinations such as Mooc Spring, Nhat Le Beach, Quang Phu Sand Dunes... 2.2.4. Travel to Nha Trang in October Travel in Nha Trang in October and the weather is very cool. You can fully explore this seaside city of poetic islands, spiritual retreats and bustling entertainment venues. On this occasion When visiting Nha Trang, don't forget to enjoy delicious dishes with rich coastal flavors. 2.3. Travel 2.3.1 around North Hanoi in October. Where is the best place to travel in October? Every October-December in Ha Giang is the season of buckwheat blooming in the northwest mountainous area. This is a very beautiful purple-pink flower, especially in Ha Giang. The best time to come here is in October, when the flowers start to bloom and Ha Giang's festive season with many special art performances. 2.3.2. Fascinating October tourist destination - Muzhou canola season, there is nothing more beautiful than Muzhou. October is an unmissable time to travel to appreciate the small white cauliflower in the middle of the Mexican Plateau, especially Ba Phach Village, known as the "Rape Flower Paradise", with a panoramic view of the flower fields. Look. 2.3.3. Binh Lieu Quang Ninh October Tour Should you be a Quang Ninh place lover? You should be in Pingliao, reed mountain province, stretches the poetic reed mountain, swaying in October brings swaying, it will definitely bring you benefits. to bring "virtual life" photos.

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