The guy from Zhejiang went to Guizhou on business and was asked by the leader to bring 4 good wines. He regretted not buying a few more bottles when he got home.

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The guy from Zhejiang went to Guizhou on business and was asked by the leader to bring 4 good wines. He regretted not buying a few more bottles when he got home.

Do you have a discovery? Shopping online always feels less reliable than physical stores, because the feelings brought by the five senses will be more comprehensive. This is the case in the liquor industry. The current liquor market is not "peaceful". If you are a little careless, you will buy fake wine. You don't want to buy it online. Even if you buy it in a physical store, you must choose carefully. There is a leader in Zhejiang who likes to drink very much. Recently, Xiao Li, a subordinate of the company, is going to go to Guizhou on a business trip. In order to drink more liquor with different flavors, he was asked by the leader to arrange Xiao Li to bring a few bottles of good wine back. This requirement seems simple, but it is actually a headache, because the leader did not say what brand of liquor he wanted, or whether he wanted cost-effectiveness, so it was difficult to decide. Xiao Li is a native of Zhejiang. Although Zhejiang people are not good at drinking, they are very developed in winemaking. More than half of China's alcohol history is yellow wine from Zhejiang, and many white wines are derived from rice wine. There are many famous rice wines in Zhejiang, including Tongshan Burning, Erhong, Kuaiji Mountain, etc. However, in recent years, local people have become less and less fond of rice wine, perhaps because of the influence of traditional liquor, or because rice wine has lost its taste. , In short, now the wine table of Zhejiang people is basically white wine, so the leaders will have such a commission. Xiao Li doesn't know much about baijiu, so this kind of commission is undoubtedly a needle in a haystack for him. He came to Maotai Town, and after visiting the street and searching for various information and strategies on the Internet, Xiao Li brought back 4 good wines.

The first one: Five-star Moutai

I have heard of Feitian Moutai, but I am afraid that five-star Moutai is rarely seen. In fact, there are two trademarks of Moutai, one is Feitian and the other is Five Star. In the market, Feitian’s influence is much greater than that of Wuxing, and the brewing cost between the two is similar, but Feitian Moutai’s premium is serious. Although the price has been increasing, many people buy it, and although the price of Wuxing Moutai decreases every year , but very few people buy it. In terms of grade, the taste of Feitian should be rich and mellow, but in terms of cost performance, five-star is definitely the existence of the "king".

The second item: Qianchun wine

Searching for good wines in Guizhou on the Internet, you can always see this wine, and the awards won are not yet Shao, very famous in the local area, but Xiao Li had never heard of it, so he had the idea of ​​wanting to know at that time. This is a bran koji sauce wine. It used to be famous. Although it is not as famous as before, it is still a good wine in the hearts of the older generation. The poor reputation is not a problem of the quality of Qianchun wine, but because of the pressure of competition in the Guizhou market, and many problems encountered by wine companies have not been dealt with in time, which is the reason for the decline of Qianchun wine.

Chapter 3: Fate imitation Taiwanese wine

Xiao Li's idea of ​​buying Fate Taiwan imitation wine did not come from the Internet , I was just curious in my spare time at the time, and I bumped into it on the street. I met a boss who was drinking, and even a person who didn't know how to drink found the fragrance of wine attractive, so I went to ask the boss under the trend of curiosity. Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is a native Maotai town sauce wine. After all, it is not a famous wine, nor an old brand. The reason why it has such a good taste is mainly because the brewer You Yan is strict and strict, and strives for perfection. As a country Grade sommelier, with high quality control of sauce wine. Moreover, Yuande imitation Taiwan wine is still brewed with Hongyingzi glutinous sorghum, which is the same level as Maotai wine. The Daqu Kunsha process took a full year, and then it was stored in the cellar for 7 years before it was put on the market. Take a light sip, the sauce is rich and comfortable, it wraps the tongue layer by layer in the mouth, has the sticky feeling of old wine, and the overall cohesion is very strong.

The fourth item: Han sauce

is produced by Moutai Co., Ltd. and was officially launched in 2011. The product's positioning is second only to Moutai liquor, and it is completely culturally rich. Inherited Moutai. The packaging of this wine is mainly based on the typical Han culture, very high-end atmosphere, and the quality is good. It is a white wine that is both internal and external. Take a sip, the sauce aroma is prominent, elegant and delicate, soft and mellow in the mouth, swallowed in one mouthful, the aftertaste is long and intriguing. It only cost more than 5,000 yuan to buy four kinds of wine. Among them, five-star Maotai and Hanjiang sauce are the most expensive. It is the first time to choose a wine. The leaders liked the spring wine very much. When they got home, they regretted not buying more bottles. However, after getting to know these two brands, the leaders felt that they also gained something, so they did not complain too much. The above is the whole content of today's article. What do you think of the 4 wines that Xiao Li bought? Share it in the comments section! See you next time. Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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