Do you think this is just the Hanging Garden of Maitreya City? No, it condenses the whole Yunnan

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Do you think this is just the Hanging Garden of Maitreya City? No, it condenses the whole Yunnan

In the far south of the colorful clouds, there is more than one here, it is the city your heart desires. In addition to Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, and Jianshui, there is another magical town worth visiting, which is Maitreya City in Yunnan. Under the sky and above the earth, the snow-capped mountains, legends, ancient castles, gardens, hot springs, red wine, and the faint scent of grapes in the air all together constitute the unique charm of Maitreya, and it also condenses the entire Yunnan. It has the oldest national characteristics and high-tech modern art, ranging from Western romance to oriental charm, using red bricks to make classics, using flowers to interpret romance, and interpreting humanities with fine wine. Maitreya City, located in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, is named after the Laughing Face Buddha is located on the top of Jinping Mountain. It has a history of more than 2,000 years and is the only city in the world with the same name as Buddha. Connecting with central Yunnan, connecting Guangdong and Guangxi, and radiating ASEAN, it is the northern gate of Honghe Prefecture. The transportation is extremely developed and convenient. The distance from Kunming to Maitreya is only 132 kilometers, and it only takes 40 minutes to arrive by high-speed rail. If you want to appreciate its natural landscape and humanities in this city, in this small county with only 4044 square kilometers, a bicycle can also be achieved. The unique climate, soil and other geographical advantages and abundant water resources allow Maitreya to have rich resources and beautiful natural landscapes, and has become a popular Internet celebrity tourist city.

The Spring City of China sees Yunnan, and the Spring City of Yunnan sees Maitreya

They all say: "The Spring City of China sees Yunnan, and the Spring City of Yunnan sees Maitreya." This sentence aptly illustrates this the city's climate. Maitreya is like spring all year round. The average climate of Maitreya is 18°C ​​and the sunshine is 2131.4 hours. In severe winter, the temperature can also be maintained at about 10°C. The climate is very pleasant and suitable for living. Because the city has rich geothermal resources, it has achieved the saying that half the city is half the city and half the hot spring pool, giving it the reputation of "the home of hot springs". The benefits of hot springs are well known, and the most obvious one is to promote metabolism and enhance immunity. Especially in the winter, soaking in the hot springs is a fairy-like experience. There are many hot spring pools here, and there are many types. Most of the hotels in the city are equipped with hot spring items, which makes friends who have come here feel that this is an ideal place to shelter from the cold. The most important thing is that the consumption here is not expensive, and it is basically within the range that ordinary people can afford. As long as you deliberately pursue the five-star treatment, you can live, eat, drink, play, and have fun with the basic per capita 60-100 yuan per day. Every winter, retired elderly friends from all over the country come here in groups for vacation travel and hot springs.

Oriental Bordeaux

Maitreya is an old grape-producing area in Yunnan, which combines many reputations such as "Oriental Bordeaux, the hometown of plateau grapes, and the hometown of Yunnan wine". . The red wine winery of Dongfang Farm retains the oldest rose honey grape variety in France and inherits the mysterious wine in the south of Caiyun. The ancient underground wine cellar is known as "the first cellar in Tiannan". Walking here, you can smell the faint aroma of wine, see a dazzling array of red wine and hear various stories about wine. Therefore, it is also called the Bordeaux of the East by the French. So when you come to Maitreya, you can not only taste the most authentic red wine, but also eat delicious and fresh grapes.

Mitreya East Charm Town

If it is said that the climate and resources of Maitreya are comfortable, then Maitreya is located in Honghe Prefecture. The city's "Dongfengyun" town undoubtedly adds a strong artistic atmosphere to the city. In the charming town of Maitreya East, which covers cultural creativity, natural scenery, and human history, there are museums, art galleries, hotels, theaters, etc. with different themes and styles. The most unique and attractive buildings are the red brick kaleidoscope art museum, half cloud multi-purpose museum, duo la music farm, and seal room. Eye-catching again. Surrounded by eucalyptus trees, the whole town exudes an elegant and romantic atmosphere. This is the "Kaleidoscope Art Manor" designed by artist Luo Xujie. He applied the kaleidoscope prism concept to this castle, using bricks as cylinders and windows as mirrors. With the different angles of sunlight in the four seasons, the light in the museum will also follow Sunlight presents different changes. Moreover, the building complex does not use any steel bars and nails, and is entirely made of red bricks. These pure and original features have attracted much attention since their inception. The thousand-person chorus made of pottery figurines in the museum, the Yunnan version of the Mona Lisa, Qin Shihuang's book pit, and other irregular art exhibitions are waiting for you to enjoy. Under the interweaving of post-modernist design and realism, your vision has been greatly impacted, and at the same time, you have also gone to an artistic feast. If the lavender in Provence, France, is the epitome of western romance, then Dongfengyun is also a flower garden dominated by lavender, surrounded by blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by mountains, and wooden bridges and stone roads, like an oil painting. There are 600 acres of lavender in Dongfengyun, which blooms into a sea of ​​flowers from April to October every year, attracting a large number of tourists to check in here. Windmills, these make the comers immersed in the romance of purple. When I arrived in Maitreya, it seems that I am sorry for my five internal organs if I don’t eat some local food. Therefore, Maitreya’s unique braised chicken rice noodles, mutton pot soup, and cold roll noodles must be arranged. If you are not used to rice noodles, you can choose to eat braised chicken. That's it. As for other special snacks, such as: flavored tempeh and bone ginseng, you can bring some according to your own taste. Although it is not Kunming, it is not difficult to eat a pot of authentic steamed chicken. The fruits here are grapes and dragon fruit. , mango, peaches, plums are not to be missed. Many grapes that cost 5 yuan a kilogram are freshly picked from the trees, fresh and juicy. ps: Yunnan locals like to add tempeh to chili to make chili sauce, which is delicious. You may wish to refer to it. Many friends come to Yunnan to go to Lijiang, Dali, Yubeng, Shangri-La and other scenic spots that catch the eye and take their hearts away. However, at the same time, don’t forget when doing the strategy, this Maitreya town that can let you rest your soul, has blue sky and white clouds, alpine grasslands, flowers and delicacies unique to Yunnan.

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