Outdoors, I lived a low-profile life...

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Outdoors, I lived a low-profile life...

Mr. Yang Jiang once said: "A simple life, a noble soul, is the highest realm of life." Many times, we always think that life is to pursue a "high configuration" life, the pursuit of luxurious cars, high-end houses, and decent Work... Gradually, smart people understand that if you pursue the "high profile" of material things too much, your body will be tired, and your mind will be even more tired; if you reduce your allocation appropriately, you can live a comfortable and calm life. What kind of life attitude a person has, what kind of life will he live. Some people say that living outdoors is a kind of "low-profile life", which makes it easier for people to taste the sweetness of life. 01 Low diet with night market, beer, small barbecue, these do not exist outdoors. After playing outdoors, many friends say that the first skill they learn in the outdoors is cooking. Simple ingredients, simple cooking, but the happiest taste. On the road outdoors, there is no milk tea, no fried chicken, no skewers, some are just scientific and reasonable food matching, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, not only can eat healthy, but also eat different beauty. When we're outdoors, we don't have as many choices for food, and we even cut down on what we carry, but it doesn't affect our great outdoor experience. A low diet is the first lesson we learn outdoors. 02Desires are low-matched

In life, everyone has many desires. You want what others have, and you want what others don't have. Envy other people's cars, houses, bills, etc., but too many desires may not be able to achieve all, and even make you feel more and more tired. There is a certain limit to the weight that everyone carries. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will only be overwhelmed by yourself. Outdoors, let us learn to reduce desire, focus on the present, and learn to be satisfied. A mountain, a sea, a crossing, a walk, a tree, a flower may all make us satisfied and happy. Learn to be content, and life will be happier. If you have been pursuing more material things, you will only get more and more tired. Learning to decompress yourself and reduce your allocation is a happy choice. I agree with a sentence: "People's pain lies in what they can't get." Going outdoors, introspecting while walking, throwing away obsessions, reducing desires, and learning to be content are the best ways to live in life. 03 The circle is low-profile as the saying goes: "Your circle determines your life." Like things gather together, people are divided into groups, and outdoors, many people learn to optimize their circles. After playing outdoors, many ALICE friends understand a truth. Your circle does not have to be large, but it must be of quality. Along the way, I understand that it is not that you know a lot of people, you have a lot of good connections, but how many like-minded friends you have met with sincerity is the most important thing. Some people may be stumbling blocks in your life, and some people are partners who can walk with you hand in hand. Friends, those two words don't apply to everyone you know. After being outdoors for a long time, I have learned to stay away from useless socializing and people who consume myself. Sometimes, a person's time is another kind of beauty. Learning to be alone and being able to enjoy being alone is a person's joy. Playing the old donkey outdoors, many people have achieved a low match for material and a high match for soul. In life, reduce the material and improve the soul. Enrich the spiritual world with knowledge and vision, not matter. A simple circle, a refreshing life, a colorful life. Who would not love such an outdoor life! 04Thinking is not suitable for life, and many times you are asking for trouble. Although sometimes we all know this truth, we are still trapped in it and cannot escape. Too many ideas, but we get stuck in them. Some people say that 90% of the things that make you anxious in this life will not happen, but you will be 100% anxious about it. When there is something you don’t understand in your life, or a puzzle that you can’t solve, just go outside for a walk. In that simple world, it may make your thinking simple too. Some people say that when walking outdoors, you never think too much, just walk. Under this extremely simple instruction, people will become relaxed. No entanglement, no expansion, no association, just walking and enjoying the scenery along the way is enough. Many troubles in life are imagined by oneself, and they think about the messy consequences before they happen. Mr. Yang Jiang said: "Your biggest problem is that you study too little and think too much." So when you are anxious, go to study or travel to enrich yourself and let yourself walk. , will not be coerced by useless anxiety. Life is too short to think too much, learn to heal yourself with actions, focus on yourself in front of you, face reality bravely, and overcome difficulties with hard work, in order to reap your own success. 05Life is simple Many people say that after playing outdoors for a long time, the experience of being outdoors has made them more and more Buddhist and more and more pure-hearted. When I have nothing to do, I want to go for a walk in the mountains, and when I am free, I want to watch the sunrise and sunset quietly. Three meals a day and four seasons, waiting for the flowers to bloom and enjoying life, isn't it beautiful. I used to envy others for being eloquent, but later I found out that those who are silent in language and quiet in heart are even more admirable. In the past, I liked calling friends, gathering and chatting, but later I discovered that time alone is also a kind of beauty. Make life simpler, "reduce the burden" on yourself, and life will show another side of beauty. Sometimes, the simpler life is, the more you can feel the beauty of this world. Simplify life and feel at ease. In the outdoors, simplicity will bring pure happiness. Every plant, every tree, every flower and every bird is beautiful. Outdoors, the low profile is life, but the inner realm will be higher and higher, the spirit will be more fulfilled, and the soul will be purified.

Living a "low-quality life" makes it easier to approach a high-quality life.

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