The 8 most suitable places for staggered peak travel in September, with few people and beautiful scenery, have you been there?

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The 8 most suitable places for staggered peak travel in September, with few people and beautiful scenery, have you been there?

September may still be summer for southerners, but early autumn has already been revealed in many parts of the country. Liu Yuxi said: Since ancient times, autumn has been sad and lonely, and I say that autumn is better than spring. There are many autumn scenes that we cannot miss! Today, let’s take a look at 8 places suitable for off-peak travel in September. There are few people and beautiful scenery. If you miss it, you will have to wait another year. Let’s see how many you have been to?


The autumn feast in the fairy tale world Kanas was once selected by "China National Geographic" "Rated as "the most beautiful place in China in autumn"! In autumn, there is the ultimate feast of the most shocking visual effects. All the colors cannot be completely described in words, and it will be a blockbuster if you take a photo! Entering Hemu Village, which is like a fairyland, the refreshing air and the curling smoke will make you linger; come to Kanas Lake to encounter the Kanas Three Bays where the water color changes; watch the morning mist spread among the colorful forests, watch the cattle and sheep Walking among the meadows is like entering an exotic fairy tale world.

Inner Mongolia·Ejin

to see the golden dance of 380,000 mu. Mu of Populus euphratica turns yellow in the autumn wind, and the surrounding area seems to be covered with a layer of sacred golden light! Against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds, the ancient trees and vines of Populus euphratica present a wonderful picture, and you can fully feel the shocking visual impact. Red Willow Sea, Dream Forest, etc., strange forests, Populus euphratica in the water, sunset... so beautiful that people feel unreal.


When the color of the harvest arrives in autumn, Wuyuan becomes a fairy tale. Because September is the autumn harvest season in Huangling, each household puts the harvested peppers or rice on the round bamboo plaques, forming a grand harvest scene. Red peppers, yellow chrysanthemums, orange-yellow peacock grass, with the unique blue bricks and black tiles of Hui-style buildings and the vast mountains in the distance, the whole village is bright! The early morning mist and cooking smoke slowly rose, passing through the horse head wall, the mountains, the alleys... Watching the red leaves being chased and flying by the autumn wind of the cassocks, the mountains and valleys fluttered and fell, I really want to keep this beautiful moment.

Inner Mongolia·Aershan

encounters the most magnificent autumn color in China As soon as September arrives, Aershan enters the autumn color In the state of the season, the sky is high and the clouds are wide, and the meadows and trees are wrapped in golden autumn clothes. The birch forest in Aershan is golden, the volcanic lava is black, the rhododendron bushes are red, the volcanic lava is black, the meadow is green, and the lake is blue, as if the paint has been overturned, colorful. The colors are dizzying and everything is so peaceful and comfortable. Watching the Wranglers walking through the jungle, the smoke rising from the cabins, the billowing haystacks, the winding rivers, the vast grasslands and hills, the forests and seas of the Daxinganling Mountains... everything here is so intoxicating~


encounters the purest autumn and autumn. God has brought the colorful leaves and forests of the mountains, the colorful sea, the world All the colors are rubbed into Jiuzhaigou! The colorful forest is long, dazzling and charming, reflected in the lake, so beautiful that it is so unreal. The water in Jiuzhaigou is so pure and crystal clear, and the gorgeous colorful leaves are reflected on the lake. This kind of pure texture will make you fall in love at a glance.


The colorful Suzhou city in the autumn of Suzhou is probably a ginkgo, a red maple leaf , is a clump of colorful. Watching the ginkgo leaves slowly fall, mixed with the crisp bells, you can feel the unique autumn charm of Hanshan Temple; look for the autumn romance of Dinghui Temple through two huge ancient ginkgo trees, under the sunlight, it appears It is bright and warm; walking through the gardens of Suzhou, a gust of wind blows off the red maple leaves, which looks so warm and quiet; in autumn, the reed flowers are in full bloom by the Taihu Lake, and when the autumn wind blows, the fluffy reed flowers, like fragrant snow in the sky, have a kind of simple beauty. ! On an autumn morning, it was foggy and foggy, and I rode a boat through the small river in Tongli Ancient Town, as if in a fairyland.


Delicious Crab Yellow Paste in Autumn The autumn scenery in Zhoushan is different from other places. With the unique characteristics of the island, autumn is here, and the peak moment of crab roe gravy is also here! Autumn is also the season of swimming crabs, the red and bright semi-solidified paste, the pale yellow flowing yellow, and the translucent crab meat are crystal clear. Since it is a season rich in seafood, drying seafood has become a carnival for Zhoushan people in autumn! Slippery shrimp, conger eel, mussels, yellow croaker, octopus, octopus... All kinds of dried seafood, the combination of yellow and orange fish and sunshine, the golden autumn with a fishy smell is undoubtedly unique to Zhoushan! In addition to seafood, a large area of ​​rice fields have also turned golden. Watching Putuo Pastoral Complex shed its Tsing Yi and wrap it in a golden coat, the wind is blowing wheat waves, and there is a grand harvest everywhere!

Hebei·Bashang Grassland

The autumn of the Bashang Grassland is only one month. , It seems to have a kind of magic power, and at a glance, it is a scenery that will not be forgotten for the rest of my life. There are colorful birch forests all over the mountains and fields, stretching for hundreds of miles, as well as yellow larch, red oak, green spruce, white birch, and the colorful door in autumn is opened at once. Sitting on the rolling hills, watching the white sheep moving slowly on the meadow, the horses galloping on the grassland, watching the wind is light and the clouds are blooming, I feel that the world is so simple and harmonious~ The city is in a hurry You, it's time to slow down and see the world in autumn. How many of the above autumn scenes have you seen?
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