A good place to escape the summer heat

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A good place to escape the summer heat

It is well known that the Taihang Mountains are short of water. According to statistics, the average rainfall in the Taihang Mountains for many years is not less than that in the plain areas, but because of the steep rocks, soil and thin vegetation, there is a serious situation of "draining when there is rain, and drought when there is no rain". Water is the source of life, water is the spiritual energy of mountains; whenever we find a place with mountains and water in Taihang, we will stop and be delighted. "National Geographic" magazine said: Taihang Mountain, the most beautiful section is left to Henan, and the most beautiful section of Henan is in South Taihang. There are not only the majesty of mountains and the beauty of water, but also the spirit and miracles of man conquering the sky. Today, the editor will take stock of the reservoir attractions in South Taihang that are worth visiting.

1. Nangudong Reservoir. Shibanyan Town, Linzhou City

Nangudong Reservoir, also known as "Taihang Pinghu", is located in Linzhou City Shibanyan Town Xixiangping. It is a water storage project for the Lushui River in the Taihang Grand Canyon and a water supply project for the Hongqi Canal. The Lushui River flows through the waters here, forming a huge alpine lake, embedded in the towering mountains like a jewel. Every summer, people come to relax and escape the heat in an endless stream. The average temperature here is 27 or 8 degrees, and the temperature is suitable, especially the scenery of Pinghu and mountains after the rain, accompanied by the fog, the scenery is more beautiful.

2. Majiayan Reservoir. Rencun Town, Linzhou City

Majiayan Reservoir is located in Majiayan, Rencun Town, Linzhou City, and is the supplementary water source for Hongqi Canal , At the same time taking into account the comprehensive utilization of power generation, tourism and other comprehensive utilization hub projects, the total storage capacity of the reservoir is 32.48 million m³, and the drainage area is 332 square kilometers. The mountain road next to the reservoir is the Renxian line leading to Shanxi. On July 20, 2021, a heavy rainstorm hit many areas in Henan, Shanxi and other areas. The Majiayan Reservoir was filled with water for the first time 12 years after the flood. The green hills, Gaoxia and Pinghu are full of magnificent scenery at this moment.

3. Frontal Reservoir. Cangyu River, Weihui City, Xinxiang

Frontal Reservoir is located on Lintong Line, No. 227 Provincial Road, Weihui City, Xinxiang It was built in 1973 on the Cangyu River near Luoquan Village, Shibaotou Township, with a total storage capacity of 15.32 million m³ and a drainage area of ​​90 square kilometers. . The Front Reservoir is known as one of the three pearls on the Wezhicangyu River, and it is also a good place for citizens to fish for leisure. Overlooking the front reservoir

4. Shibaotou Reservoir. Cangyu River, Weihui City, Xinxiang

Cangyu River, a tributary of Weihe River Shibaotou Reservoir, one of the three pearls, is located in Beishibaotou Village, Shibaotou Township, northwest of Weihui City, Xinxiang. Founded in 1967, it is also known as "Shibaotou Reservoir", with a total capacity of 19.47 million m³ and a drainage area of ​​160 square kilometers. Opposite the reservoir is Paomaling Geological Park, surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on the other side, with green mountains and clear water, every step of the way is full of vitality.

5. Tagang Reservoir. Cangyu River, Weihui City, Xinxiang

There is a place for passers-by to rest in Tagang Village, Lintong Line Behind it is Tagang Reservoir, one of the three pearls on the Yuhe River. Every spring, many people come to Tagang to see rapeseed flowers, and Tagang Reservoir is also a must-see scenery. Tagang Reservoir was built in 1958. The storage capacity is 9.54 million m³, and the watershed area is 224 square kilometers. It is adjacent to the Guiguzi "Yunmeng Mountain", the first ancient military academy in China, to the north. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers with pleasant scenery. In the spring, Tagang Rape is not far from the Taihang Public Servant Wu Jinyin Youth Cave Tunnel. The Qingnian Cave next to it is flowing with gurgling water, and the cool breeze inside the cave is an excellent small scene for children to play in the water in summer and take a break from the heat. Qingniandong

6. Chenjiayuan Reservoir. Nanzhai Town, Huixian County

Chenjiayuan Reservoir is located at the junction of Huixian County in Henan Province and Lingchuan in Shanxi Province. It is the birthplace of Qi River. It was built in the late 1960s, with a storage capacity of 13.7 million m³. The upstream is the Fozi Mountain Grand Canyon in Lingchuan, Shanxi. It is adjacent to the famous Chenjiayuan Hanging Road. A beautiful water-walled road. Remarks: The wall-hanging road in Chenjiayuan is under construction due to landslides.

7. Shiyuan Reservoir. Nanzhai Town, Hui County

Shiyuan Reservoir is located in Nanzhai Town, northwest of Hui County, and now belongs to Tianzhu Ditch Scenic Area (under development). The canyons on both sides of the Shiyuan Reservoir are thousands of meters of cliffs, steep and precipitous, separating the two provinces of Shanxi and Henan. Looking up at the heights, it is like a line of sky, with clear waters and valleys, strange mountains and rocks, and peaks and forests standing in the water, making people feel like walking into a picture scroll, and it is praised as the "Taihang Small Three Gorges" by people. Shiyuan Reservoir, Tianzhugou Scenic Area, Tianzhu Peak

8, Sanjiaokou Reservoir. Nanzhai Town, Hui County

Sanjiaokou Reservoir Located in Nanzhai Town, northwest of Huixian County, on the north channel of the upper reaches of Xiangmu River, it belongs to the controlled reservoir on the tributary of Qi River. The overflowing water from the Chenjiayuan and Shiyuan reservoirs will be stored, with a storage capacity of 22.93 million m³ and a drainage area of ​​2.5 square kilometers. Sanjiaokou Reservoir Sanjiaokou Reservoir was built in 1973, and the construction was stopped three times in 10 years due to financial constraints. The Xiangmu River Nature Reserve, where the Sanjiaokou Reservoir is located, has a unique geographical location with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. There are many tourist attractions in the surrounding area, including the famous Shangla River Hanging Wall Highway, Taihang Sixteen Turns, Military Station, Phoenix Ancient Village, etc.

9. Heilu River Reservoir. Huixian is Paishitou Township

Heilu River Reservoir is located in Paishitou Township, Huixian City Songgong Water Village was built in the 1960s and 1970s. It is divided into upper reservoir, lower reservoir and Hongyan reservoir. The Black Deer River is a seasonal river, named after the mysterious legend of "Black Deer Offering Treasures". The mountains here are deep and dense, and the mountains are full of peach blossoms in March and April every year, just like a paradise. So far, the Heilu River Reservoir still provides local people with water for production and living. To enter the Heilu River, you have to go through a water diversion tunnel of nearly one kilometer, Hongyan Cave, which is a water diversion (drinking water) irrigation project built at the same time as the reservoir in the 1960s and 1970s. The space inside the cave is narrow and can only be passed by local villagers by three-wheeled ferry.

10. Changling Reservoir. Hui County is Paishitou Township

The Changling Reservoir, known as the back garden of Hui County, can be described as this year It became a fire, and it became an excellent place for barbecue and camping in Douyin, and tourists flocked to it. Changling Reservoir is located in Houdachi Village, Paishitou Township, Huixian City. It was built in July 1974 and completed in August 1975, with a storage capacity of 6.91 million m³. It belongs to the upstream of Liudiangan River, a tributary of Weihe River. Of course, in addition to the above reservoirs, there are many water conservancy reservoirs and water storage projects in South Taihang. For example, Gongshang Reservoir and Wanquan Lake in Linzhou; Zhangwu Reservoir and Xiaonanhai in Anyang; Xiangquan Reservoir, Baiquan Lake and Baoquan Reservoir in Xinxiang are all beautiful geomantic treasures in South Taihang. What else do you know about the South Taihang Reservoir? Friends are welcome to leave a message in the comment area. [Bi Xin]END Some pictures are from the Internet: if there is any infringement, please contact to delete. It is not easy to code words, if there are any mistakes, please criticize and advise, thank you!

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