10 cities suitable for slow life, how many do you know?

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10 cities suitable for slow life, how many do you know?

The life I yearn for every day now is the retirement life after retirement. Some people say that when you are old, rent or buy a small villa with two or three old friends in a city suitable for retirement, raise a few small animals, and take a short trip if you are interested. Everyone has an old day. When you are old, where do you want to retire? Today, I have sorted out 10 cities suitable for retirement. The last one is the most reliable~

Shandong Weihai

Weihai belongs to a typical temperate monsoon climate, so it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it can last for 10 days at a minimum of minus 10 degrees in winter, but with heating, you will not be afraid of cold at home! Living in Weihai, the mountains are by the sea, and the sea is by the city. There is also the freshest air here. Walking in Weihai City, inexplicable mood will improve. Coming here will also help you realize the city of seafood freedom. It has rich marine resources, and seafood is eaten in a bowl! Many elderly people buy vegetables in the market, stroll in the park, and drink tea in the afternoon, and they can easily spend the day without worrying about the fast pace, because there is a lot of comfort written here!

Kunming, Yunnan

Kunming, Yunnan will have the smallest temperature difference in the country next year, with four distinct seasons, clean air, and suitable temperature and humidity. Stay outdoors all year round! In Kunming, undefeated flowers are the proud capital of the "Flower Capital". Flowers bloom here all year round, vegetation is evergreen all year round, and the scenery is pleasing to the eyes throughout the year. In spring, go to Green Lake to watch the blooming begonias; in summer, go to appreciate lotus flowers, watch ducks play, or go to a teahouse, pick up a book, sit on a bamboo chair and read quietly; in autumn and winter, go to Green Lake to feed seagulls, or Climb up the ninety-five stone steps to see the golden ginkgo, with the white clouds floating in the sky and the clear blue sky, everything is so peaceful!

Dalian, Liaoning

Dalian is a pearl inlaid in the north. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and is connected to the Dongshan Peninsula. Across the sea, this city can be said to have no scorching heat in summer and no cold winter in winter (after all, there is heating). There is no need to travel all over the country to find the four seasons. In Dalian, you can see cherry blossoms in spring, sea in summer, ginkgo in autumn, and warm in winter! Although Dalian is a young city, it has deep cultural precipitation. The old houses and low walls of Xinhua Street exude the taste of history; the tram that has been running for more than 100 years is still there; there is also a Russian-style street in Xigang District, and a strong European-style style is blowing! Zhongshan District can also experience Venice Water City without going abroad...Walking through the exotic old streets, cycling, playing pottery, or finding a small shop to sit down and drink tea, slowing down life is not just an attitude , is a kind of feeling...

Suzhou, Jiangsu

Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in China. Mild, abundant rainfall and pleasant environment, it is the quiet "backyard" of Chinese culture. "Jiangnan gardens are the best in the world, Suzhou gardens are the best in Jiangnan". Come to Suzhou to feel the laziness and comfort of small bridges, flowing water and people! Strolling on the ancient streets with thousands of years, feeling the traces of history, strolling around Jinji Lake, Yuanrong, Jiuguang, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Forest... If you want to climb the mountain, you can go to Chushan Ecological Park, Taihu Lake Wetland Park, and Suzhou Embroidery Town. Go, isn't it beautiful!

Qingdao, Shandong

The annual average temperature in Qingdao is 12.3°C, and there is no ice-covered three feet in winter. In the severe cold, in summer Qingdao, a sentence of "I am 20°C" can make tourists from all over the country come here! The leisure of Qingdao is integrated into European-style buildings and local old buildings on small streets. As a coastal town, there is also a cool breeze from the sea, which makes people feel relaxed and happy! If you like mountain climbing, then there are ten hills in Qingdao that will allow you to see Qinghai from all angles! In your free time, you can meet old friends, go to the beach to drink some loose beer, and add some seafood. This little day is so pleasant!

Hainan Haikou

In Haikou, maybe you don't need to buy a coat all year round, the climate here makes you not want to away, especially in winter! Walking on the streets of Haikou, taking a deep breath of fresh air and looking at the blue sky, there is never a shortage of intoxicating scenery here, and life is like a vacation. The century-old arcade street in Haikou is full of Nanyang style. It tells the nostalgia of overseas Chinese in Nanyang at the beginning of the last century. It may be that they have reached a certain age. I really like to see these buildings with historical traces, as if they are telling me their glorious days! When the weather is fine, you can go to the beach to bathe in the sea, watch the sunset, and listen to the tide. Even if you are old, you still yearn for this vibrant life, and here, you will definitely be satisfied!

Chengdu, Sichuan

If you are used to the busyness of big cities, then the Comfort Inn here is for you. I don't want to go anymore! Pursuing comfort is the way of life of Chengdu people, tasting tea, watching Sichuan opera, picking ears, playing mahjong... The lively and enthusiastic atmosphere of the market can be said to be very enviable! When you come to Chengdu, you can drink tea during the day and visit Jinjiang at night, as if you have endless leisure time; if you want to pray for blessings, you can go to the Daci Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, not far from the Taikoo Li business district, traditional and modern, simple and prosperous Collision, as a post-90s editor, I am very satisfied~

Xiamen, Fujian

Xiamen combines eastern style with western style Romance combined, perfect for slow living. The air here is fresh and the climate is pleasant (some people may think it's too hot, but the editor in Xiamen thinks that it is completely okay to choose to ask old sisters to go for a walk in the park, dance and play chess in the morning and evening). Walking on the streets and alleys of Ludao, the arcades with Nanyang style, the Wuwa mansion with Chinese style, the flying swallowtail ridge, the exquisite brick carvings and the window hinges... feel the feelings of Xiamen. On weekends, I invite old friends to ride by Yundang Lake, Wuyuan Bay, and Huandao Road, blowing the sea breeze and breathing fresh air. When I get tired, I go to the roadside snack bar to eat a bowl of sand tea noodles, fried oysters and fried oysters. Spiced...the perfect retirement life!

Shaanxi Baoji

Baoji has a warm temperate semi-humid climate in the continental monsoon region, with four seasons of cold, warm and dry , The humidity is distinct and the climate is pleasant. Living here, you can roam the West Palace in spring, cool and escape the heat in summer, encounter red leaves in autumn, and enjoy the charm of snow in winter! In Baoji, go to the Wei River to blow the wind, look at the ducks in the water, admire the flowers by the river; climb a mountain on weekends, enjoy the slow life and experience happiness. The beautiful scenery is everywhere, walk in the quiet park and feel the different scenery!

Your hometown

Coordinates: the place where you were born and raised. Attractions: In a good mood, there are attractions everywhere. Food: You can't eat much, haha, after all, the Chinese tradition is that falling leaves are not good, it's good for you. If the above attractions are not used as retirement cities, bring your wife, a pot of old wine, and a group of old friends ! You can also check it out after you retire! There is no perfect place, just the one that suits you is the right place!
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