Asymptomatic in Jiaxian County, Henan Province, he is a self-driving genius. I feel inferior, so I will ask you if you are convinced?

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Asymptomatic in Jiaxian County, Henan Province, he is a self-driving genius. I feel inferior, so I will ask you if you are convinced?

I just saw the bad news that an asymptomatic infection was found in Pingdingshan, Henan. Jiaxian then entered a state of silence. Similar news is numbing, maybe you saw the news, but you didn't read it carefully. Let's not discuss another infected area in Henan, let's talk about this asymptomatic way home. Please prepare your knees to worship this self-driving man! Let's see:

[This great god will depart from Lhasa at 5:00 pm on August 23rd, and at 9:00 on August 24th in Golmud High-speed exit for nucleic acid]

The road between Lhasa and Golmud is the famous "Qinghai-Tibet Line", which is the shortest and most convenient route out of Tibet. This section of the road is 1000 kilometers long, and most of the sections are national roads. Because there are too many large trucks on this road, and the Qinghai-Tibet line passes through the plateau permafrost, many sections of the road are uneven, and the car will jump if you drive too fast. Normally, this is a two-day journey. This shows that the person drove overnight and needed a sense of urgency to do so. Even if he closed his eyes, it would be difficult for him to complete the feat of walking 1,000 kilometers at night. I remember that the national highways on the plateau rarely have street lights, so driving at night is somewhat dangerous. Generally speaking, everyone does not choose to hide at night. Of course, these are special times, and I think avoiding the congestion is a good reason.

[This great god entered the Beijing-Tibet Expressway at 11:00 on the 24th, and stopped at the Lanzhou South Service Area at 4:38 a.m. on August 25th]

Golmud arrives Lanzhou is about 1,000 kilometers, but because of the high speed, the travel time will be less. But this great god did not rest the next day after driving all night, and was still driving at 11 am. Between 9:00 and 11:00, there is no time to rest at all, at most it is a gap for breakfast. He drove into the service area at four or five in the morning the next day, which means he drove all night the next night. Based on this estimate, it is only possible for him to take a short rest on the afternoon of the 24th, and maybe he has not rested.

[This great god stopped at the Weinan service area at 1:30 on August 25th, and pumped water to catch "strange fish" in Henan at 4:00 p.m. Get off the expressway and return home]

After driving for two nights and one day in a row, the great god still did not rest for the second day, and drove for another day until he entered the house. He was later placed in centralized isolation. The word "later" is rich in connotations, who can tell it clearly? This is so questionable! This person basically did not rest for two days and two nights, and ran a distance of more than 3,200 kilometers in these two days and two nights. Such a miracle, I only dare to look up, never dare to try! You must know that you need to refuel and eat on the road, you may also have to queue at the expressway, checkpoint, and maybe you have to do two nucleic acid tests and scan a few QR codes... I am 100% sure that the car of the Great God will never be electric car. Whenever he recharged several times on the road, he had to wait until the strange fish was caught before he could enter the house. My longest single trip was only more than 1,200 kilometers. I got up at four or five in the morning, and after doing a little errand, I went on the road at less than six o'clock, and I hardly rested until I went home at 10 o'clock in the evening. The moment I entered the house, I just wanted to turn into a puddle of mud on the bed, and even if a group of rhinos rolled back and forth and stepped on 10,000 feet, I would not lead me. Finally, I would like to ask: Are you convinced? I am [Light Up China], and I am currently on a long journey around the motherland. I have visited 86 of the 333 prefecture-level cities in the country. Welcome to give a free follow, let us understand the wider world together.

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