So beautiful! 9 fairyland on earth suitable for a person to go to, it is amazing to have been to 5

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So beautiful! 9 fairyland on earth suitable for a person to go to, it is amazing to have been to 5

The body is not moving, the heart is far away, the distress of work needs to be rescued by travel, the countless possibilities of life are scattered in various places, and we need to go far and discover... Today, You Ting Jun has sorted out 9 beautiful scenery like a fairyland in the world , look how many have you been to?


Kanas in autumn is like an overturned palette. Every imaginable dream color is here. Kanas has Kanas Lake, which is located in the dense forest of the Altai Mountains. It was rated as the most beautiful lake in China by "China National Geographic" in 2009. The gorgeous colors attract a large number of tourists. Hemu Village is rated as one of the "six most beautiful ancient towns and villages in China". Hemu Village is a settlement of Tuva people. The houses in the village are all made of logs, which are as simple and primitive as fairy tale scenes.


was rated as "one of the most beautiful grasslands in China" by China National Geographic. Grassland, when autumn comes, there are colorful mountains and forests, blue sky, and the most beautiful sunset... When you come to Hulunbuir, you can see a Russian-style village with only about ten households - Qigan Village; Erdaoga; there are stretches of straight birch forests - Erguna; there is also "the first song in the world" - Morigele River...


Anhui's Huangshan has a "Peach Garden on the Clouds" - Muliyan, where you can see the sea of ​​clouds for nearly 100 days a year, here it is Sunrise and sunset, watching the rising and falling of the sea of ​​​​clouds, the heart will calm down. Here you can forget your troubles and enjoy the beauty of nature together! Early in the morning, wake up in the cloudy sky, open the window, you can breathe the negative oxygen ions sent to you by heaven and earth, and you can see the castle with pink walls and black tiles. Drifting in every corner of the entire mountain, the eyes are full of green and faint human fireworks!

Laojun Mountain

Henan Laojun Mountain is haunted by clouds and misty, and is "the world's first fairy mountain". The rolling sea of ​​clouds stretched across the sky, and hundreds of peaks were looming. If you don't go to Laojun Mountain in person, you can't really experience "going to the world to be shocked by wild geese and see the beauty of the world." Laojun Mountain is very suitable for coming in winter, when it is wrapped in a silver coat and the sky is snowing, it is like coming Arrived at the Heavenly Palace!


Gansu Zagana was created by God Negandava with the power of the wild Heaven and Earth is a place known as the "Oriental Garden of Eden". There are no high-rise buildings here, no city lights, and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Snow-capped mountains, holy lakes, peaceful villages, herds of yaks and sheep, enthusiastic Tibetans, and the smoke from cooking in the valleys are all so refreshing! On the way to Zhagana Scenic Area, when the vehicle passes through the steep canyon along the creek, the four natural villages of Dongwa, Yeri, Dari and Daiba come into view, looming in the clouds and mist, like a fairyland!


The gorgeous Jiuzhaigou is like a string of gems inlaid in the earthquake zone. The water flows between the trees. Trees grow in water, and lakes, mountains, ravines, and valleys compete with each other, which makes the world feast for the eyes. In Jiuzhaigou, you don’t need any filters to take pictures. There are all kinds of Haizi, Panda Sea, Swan Sea, Reed Sea, Fangcao Sea, Pearl Beach Waterfall, and Nuorilang Waterfall. Just hearing the name is a very romantic place.


In the deep mountains of Guizhou, there is a real version of "Sky City" hidden ! Fanjing Mountain is a famous cultural mountain with a history of more than 2,000 years. It is 2,336 meters high. The mountain is steep, but it is also full of fairy spirit. On the top of Fanjing Mountain, there are also two temples. Because the middle of the mountain is weathered, a crack is formed, so there is a short bridge between the two temples. The golden dome will feel as if you are in a fairyland!

Detian Waterfall

In Guangxi, there are not only Guilin landscapes that are the best in the world, but also hidden in the border of Guangxi. The beautiful landscape of Detian Waterfall should be what the book said: "The paradise and the people are swimming in the painting"! Therefore, many crews are filming here, and the previously popular "Flower Thousand Bone" is also filming here. Detian Waterfall is connected to the neighboring Banyao Waterfall in Vietnam. It is the only transnational waterfall in China and the first transnational waterfall in Asia. The waterfall is divided into three levels. It flows straight down from the cliff of more than 60 meters, hitting layers of rocks.

Penglai Pavilion

A fairyland in the sky, Penglai on earth! Penglai Pavilion is a famous scenic spot in Yantai, with legends of mirage and Eight Immortals crossing the sea. Therefore, Penglai Pavilion is even more mysterious. The Penglai Pavilion on the Danya Mountain on the beautiful seaside is magnificent and ready to fly. These buildings embody the wisdom and artistic crystallization of the ancient Chinese working people, which are simple and elegant! Climbing to the Penglai Pavilion is like a fairy palace in myth! The beauty of the world can only be known by experiencing it in person. How many of the above-mentioned beauties have you been to?
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