Female stars punch in "wild spots" to cause traffic control? Wangwei Mountain exploded because Zhao Lusi punched in?

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Female stars punch in "wild spots" to cause traffic control? Wangwei Mountain exploded because Zhao Lusi punched in?

Recently, Zhao Lusi, the heroine of the hit TV series, went to Wangwei Mountain in Huanghu Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou to watch the sunrise, which has set off an upsurge on the Internet. Many young people drove up the mountain to watch the sunrise and clock in early in the morning. Netizens' views on this are also polarized. Some netizens feel that as a star, they should pay attention to whether the information they publish on social platforms is positive and beneficial to the public; some netizens feel that she is just going out to play and take pictures like a normal person, and she also has the right to love life, take beautiful photos and share life. In fact, although the winding road of Wangwei Mountain is one of the eight beautiful mountain roads in Zhejiang Province, it is also very thrilling to drive up Wangwei Mountain, so it is also good to control the traffic of Wangwei Mountain from the point of view of everyone's safety. In You Ting Jun's view, Zhao Lusi did nothing wrong. She just found a nice place to play and take pictures. This is understandable for girls, and there is no need to rise to the star herself. You Ting Jun believes that, What needs to be done is to remind the person who punched the card to pay attention to safety, not to blame. And Wangweishan's appearance is not just because of Zhao Lusi, because it is beautiful in the first place! When you come to the top of the throne after 95 turns, the rolling hills in the distance, the villages under the mountains, and all kinds of beautiful scenery can be seen. If you have enough time, you can climb to the top of the mountain in the morning to watch the sunrise, carefully observe the sun rising from the horizon little by little, and watch the gathering and dispersing of the clouds, which will always give people a different shock. In the middle of this large mountain forest, looking at the peaks and deep valleys, secluded mountains and forests; listening to the gurgling creeks and springs, chirping and chirping birds, suddenly there is a sense of free and easy nature, and suddenly my mind is calm. The scenery here is really good, but there are also many sharp bends on the road. Every time you go, it is a thrilling experience, so I hope everyone will appreciate its beauty when the security measures of Wangwei Mountain are in place~
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