The perfect route for self-driving in Xinjiang: all 14 5A scenic spots are connected in series, with a total length of 6,000 kilometers

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The perfect route for self-driving in Xinjiang: all 14 5A scenic spots are connected in series, with a total length of 6,000 kilometers

If you haven't been to Xinjiang, you don't know how big Xinjiang is! Like Tibet, Xinjiang has many beautiful scenery; but it cannot compare with Tibet in one point, that is, Tibet is full of scenery, but Xinjiang is not. Xinjiang is a beautiful place and it is indeed beautiful, and ordinary places are indeed ordinary. There are several relatively concentrated areas in Xinjiang's scenic spots; in some areas, there are almost no scenic spots, and even life-limited areas that few humans dare to set foot in. Therefore, if you do not plan the route of traveling to Xinjiang in advance, but act recklessly, then you may not get a good travel experience, and it will be futile. I am a big one, and the above route of self-driving tour in Xinjiang may be the most perfect. It has traveled all over the south, south and northwest of Xinjiang, connecting several of Xinjiang's most acclaimed tourist attractions. All 14 5A-level scenic spots in Xinjiang are on this route. For most of the tourists coming from the east, the most reliable route is as shown in the picture: entering Xinjiang from Hami, and leaving Xinjiang from Hami. If you are taking the Xinzang Line, you can change the above route a little: start from Yecheng, take the western half of the line to the north (Kashi-Akesu-Kuqa-Yining-Kelamayi-Altai), then The same effect can be achieved by taking the eastern half of the route and heading south (Altai - Keketuohai - Urumqi - Yuli - Qiemo or Ruoqiang).

The first paragraph: Hami to Urumqi

Tourists from the east, the first stop in Xinjiang, is most likely Hami. I suggest that self-driving drivers should go north along the G575 National Road and then enter the G335 National Road when they come out of Hami. Not far from Balikun County, is the most famous scenic spot in Hami - Balikun Lake. However, some netizens reported that the lake is now almost dry, unable to present the beautiful lake scenery of the past. Let's measure this for yourself, it seems that this scenic spot is in urgent need of a few heavy rains! Going further west, to the south of the county seat of Qitai County is Jiangbulak, which has just been promoted to a 5A-level scenic spot this year. The low altitude of Jiangbulak is dominated by wheat fields, while the high altitudes have grasslands and spruce forests, and the scenery is worthy of the 5A title. In the suburbs of Urumqi, there are two other 5A scenic spots - Tianshan Grand Canyon and Tianshan Tianchi. Although the International Grand Bazaar in the city is not a tourist attraction, it is a must for most tourists. As for the Turpan Grape Valley, it's a bit off the road. If you still have to go to Hami when you go out of Xinjiang, you can arrange it when you return.

Second section: Altay

has visited the scenic spots around Urumqi, we can take the expressway (S11 five major expressways) or national highway ( G216) Go to the Cocoto Sea in Altay. Altay is full of scenery, there are many scenic spots, and the scenery along the way is also very good. It also has a 5A scenic spot Kanas, which is close to the border of China-Russia-Mongolia-Kazakhstan, but does not require a border defense certificate. The third 5A-level scenic spot in Altay is Baisha Lake, which is located at the junction of China and Kazakhstan, and tourists need to hold a border defense certificate to enter. In addition to the above-mentioned three 5A-level scenic spots, the more famous scenic spots in Altay include Wucai Beach, Sino-Russian Old Wharf Style Street, and Ulungu Lake.

The third paragraph: Yili

From Altay, we went south calmly, and there are some scenic spots to see on the way (it is worth marking the place close to Karamay, there is a Devil City), but our goal is Yili, which is known as "Jiangnan beyond the Great Wall". There are many scenic spots in Ili. The scenic spots worth seeing in Yining City include Yili General Mansion, Hanren Street, Kazanqi Folk Village, etc.; to the east of Yining, there is Horgos Port; City Turks County. The 5A-level scenic spot Kalajun is located near Turks County.

Section 4: Deep in the Tianshan Mountains

Starting from Yili, heading east to Xinyuan County, another scenic spot is in waiting for us. Tangbula Grassland, Nalati Grassland, Gongnaisi, Bayinbulak, and Turgen Xinghuagou are located in this area, of which Nalati and Bayinbulak are 5A-level scenic spots. When you arrive at Bayinbulak, you are already on the famous scenic avenue - Duku Highway. From Bayinbulak south to Kuqa, we can enjoy the beauty of Tianshan Mountain along the Duku Highway. This section of the road is the southern half of the Duku Highway, but you don't have to regret not being able to take the other half, because the scenery of the Tianshan Mountains in the south and north are relatively similar, and it is not a big regret to miss the northern section of the Duku Highway. In fact, you are lucky enough to not be stuck in traffic. When approaching Kuqa, we will pass through the Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon, which is the most famous scenic spot in Kuqa.

Paragraph 5: Kashgar

Leaving Kuqa, we will head westward to Kashgar along the northern edge of the Tarim Basin. This journey is relatively monotonous. Our right hand side is the endless mountain range with thousands of ravines, and our left hand side is the endless desert. This is the case for hundreds of kilometers. Of course, this kind of scenery is also very novel for people who have never been to Xinjiang. If you want to see some novel and diverse scenery, this road can be changed: from Kuqa, go south to Shaya County, then take G217 through Aral, Awati, and then arrive at Aksu. This "branch line" goes around an extra 100 to 200 kilometers, but it will pass through thousands of hectares of fertile fields reclaimed by the Construction Corps in the desert. This is also an amazing scenery! The most important scenic spot in Kashgar is the old city of Kashgar, a free 5A-level scenic spot, which must be visited! There are also Kashi Grand Bazaar and Etigar Mosque in Kashgar. There is also a 5A-level scenic spot in Kashgar, the Pamir Plateau. It takes a lot of detours to go to this scenic spot. It is up to everyone to decide whether to go there or not. From Kashgar, go southeast, there is another 5A-level scenic spot close to Yecheng - Jinhuyang National Forest Park, this scenic spot is super beautiful in autumn.

Section 6: Going Home

Golden Populus euphratica is the last 5A-level scenic spot we passed on this tourist route (if you have been to the Flaming Mountain Grapevine in Urumqi ditch). After seeing the Golden Populus euphratica, we went east along the southern edge of the great desert, even if we were on our way home. But there is still a long way to go, and going home does not mean that there is only one left to hurry. The southern edge of the desert also has impressive sights, such as oases, lakes, deserts and other scenic spots. There are not many well-known ones, so I won't list them one by one. We have several options for the route home: one is to go all the way east to Ruoqiang. The most worth seeing attraction in Ruoqiang is the Loulan Museum, where the famous Loulan Sleeping Beauty lies quietly in the museum. After wandering, we can take G315 to Qinghai Mangya, and then we can visit many beautiful scenery in Qinghai. Before leaving Ruoqiang, don't forget to buy more melons, naan, dried fruits and other supplies. The second is to go north along the Weiqi Desert Road to Yuli after arriving at Qiemo. This road passes through the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, and the desert scenery along the way is also the most beautiful desert scenery (I remember it was the first desert scenery in a magazine). After arriving at Yuli, we will go to Turpan via Pegatron and Toksun, where we will visit the Grape Valley, a 5A-level scenic spot. In addition, Ayding Lake and Flaming Mountain are also significant scenic spots. At this point, we have almost made a full circle around Xinjiang, and your car's odometer has probably increased by 6,000 kilometers. This journey took us almost a month. Of course, this time should be full of novelty and joy. I am [Light Up China], and I am currently on a long journey around the motherland. I have visited 86 of the 333 prefecture-level cities in the country. Welcome to give a free follow, let us understand the wider world together.

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