Two uncles in Chongqing, each kept a bottle of Maotai 20 years ago, but now they are happy and sad when they open it

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Two uncles in Chongqing, each kept a bottle of Maotai 20 years ago, but now they are happy and sad when they open it

In the eyes of Chongqing people, there is nothing that a hot pot can't solve! Chongqing hot pot is famous for its spicyness. You can't eat it without drinking something. Some Chongqing people like to drink cold beer and beverages when they eat hot pot, while the more "hard-core" Chongqing people always eat hot pot with liquor. How bold is this? have to? No, there are two uncles in Chongqing. They don't like drinking every day, even if they eat hot pot, it's just jaw-dropping. When I used to work in Chongqing, my landlord was an old man, surnamed Zou, who was almost 70 years old this year. Uncle Zou loves to drink, so he has to have three meals a day, otherwise, the food will be tasteless, and he will not be able to swallow the delicacies of mountains and seas. It is said that "like things gather people and divide them into groups". Uncle Zou loves drinking so much, and the friends he makes are naturally "wine putty". Among them, Uncle Zhang impressed me the most. Uncle Zhang’s age is not much different from that of Uncle Zou. They are neighbors, drinking friends and peers. Uncle Zou and Uncle Zhang naturally have a very good relationship. You can often see the two uncles sitting in the small courtyard, talking about their parents, drinking and drinking. small wine. Two days ago, I happened to see a very interesting scene: the two uncles were holding a bottle of wine in each hand, and they seemed to be Maotai. Judging from the dirt on the bottle, it had been stored for at least several decades, and they shouted " My wine is better." Seeing that there was no end to the dispute, the two uncles specially asked me to testify. It turned out that 20 years ago, Uncle Zou and Uncle Zhang heard that old wine tasted better, so they made an appointment to save a bottle of Maotai and planned to compare it later, but today, 20 years later, who are the two uncles? No one is convinced, and this is the scene at the beginning. Seeing that the two uncles looked serious, I patted my chest and said, "Leave this to me," and started to referee. Uncle Zou's wine, the bottle corroded slightly, and the weight did not change in the hand. After pouring the wine into the glass for tasting, it was found that the old fragrance was prominent, the pungent taste of the wine was much less, and the wine became mature and mellow. , Even I, a person who rarely drinks, knows that this is a serious old wine. And Uncle Zhang's wine is more disappointing: the bottle is light and badly damaged, the bottle cap is loose, pour a little into the mouth, where there is still the taste of wine, it is simply boiled water, and there is still stock Smells, obviously can't drink. After the two uncles listened to my results, Uncle Zou was elated and his face was about to rot, while Uncle Zhang had a gloomy face and said, "It's the same wine. wine", I don't understand. Seeing Uncle Zhang say this, I was also very curious, so I asked the two uncles how to store wine. After listening, I instantly knew the reason. It turned out that the reason why one of the wines stored by the two uncles turned into good wine and the other turned into bad wine was mainly because of the following three reasons. These three reasons are also the precautions that people who love to save wine must understand!

Reason 1: One is placed in the living room and the other is buried in the soil

20 years ago, when the two uncles were storing wine, one was placed in the soil In the living room, one was buried in the soil. There are requirements for the environment to store wine. It must be a cool, dry and ventilated place. The place where Uncle Zou puts wine is the living room. If the requirements for storing wine are met, the wine will become old wine. On the other hand, Uncle Zhang, because he was deeply influenced by film and television dramas, originally dug a hole in the courtyard and buried it. The soil was only damp, and it was still very airtight. The wine could not breathe at all. How could it become old wine? Therefore, if you are planning to store wine, remember not to bury it in the soil.

Reason 2: One chooses high-alcohol wine, the other chooses low-alcohol wine

Not only should the wine be stored, but also Choose a wine! The wine chosen by Uncle Zou is 53% Maotai, but what about Uncle Zhang? I bought a bottle of Moutai with 38 degrees in order to be cheap when I was saving wine. It's not that low-alcohol Moutai is not good, but in the long-term storage of wine for ten or twenty years, low-alcohol wine can't withstand the impact of a long time, the wine will gradually decrease in degree, and eventually it will volatilize almost like water. , while high alcohol will not. Therefore, when you store wine, if it is stored for a long time, then don't buy low-alcohol wine. In addition, the wines you choose are very different for different purposes of storing wine. If you want to get rich overnight by waiting for the appreciation in value, then you should choose big brands such as Maotai and Wuliangye. Just for the sake of drinking, then you don't have to choose Maotai, just choose some similar wines, why spend that money. If you are an old wine putty, then how to choose a wine must be clear, but if you are a wine novice, then you might as well try Fenjiu Qinghua 20, Yuande imitation Taiwan wine, these two wines are excellent grain wines, The wine has a good reputation. Fenjiu Qinghua 20 is produced in Fenyang, Shanxi Province. The winery is located in Xinghua Village, also known as "Xinghua Village Wine". The fragrant Xiaoqu wine smells pure and clean, the entrance is soft and not spicy, the aftertaste has a light fruity and apple aroma, and the throat is smooth. Fate imitation Taiwan wine is produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. The winery is close to the Maotai winery. Because the person in charge of the winery has a single tendon, he almost focuses his energy on the quality of the wine, but not many people know about it, only the local people in Guizhou. as treasure. As soon as the imitation Taiwanese wine is opened, the aroma of the wine is overflowing. In less than 5 seconds, the whole house is fragrant. Take a sip, the wine is mellow, elegant and delicate, with obvious burnt aroma in the middle and back sections. The fragrance is endless, how can one be so happy?

Reason 3: One is well sealed, the other is a simple matter

The two masters kept the wine, but the results were very different, one of them The key is tightness. When Mr. Zou was storing the wine, he checked a lot of information. Not only was the bottle wrapped several times with plastic wrap, but the bottle cap was sealed with plastic tape + wax. Only after twenty years, the wine was safe and sound. On the other hand, Uncle Zhang, in order to save trouble, threw the wine directly into the soil, and then didn't look at it again. During the long-term erosion of the wine, the bottle cap loosened, which not only caused the running of wine, but also the acid in the soil. The smell also ran in, which caused the wine to be sour and smelly, and it was completely undrinkable. This article is shared here. What do you think of the competition between the two uncles in the article? May wish to exchange! Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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