Starting from the National Day, Shennongjia will usher in the autumn colors of the "Roof of Central China"

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Starting from the National Day, Shennongjia will usher in the autumn colors of the "Roof of Central China"

#HeaderCreationChallenge#From the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain, the plaques are full of leaves of various colors, like an overturned palette. It is so beautiful that there are thousands of leaves and thousands of trees. The colors are layered and one tree leads the way. Dashan is a treasure. It not only has the charming scenery of the prehistoric era, but also nurtures thousands of living beings. It hides the mysterious savage virgin forest, the deep and quiet, the magnificent Dajiu Lake with lakes and mountains... These have been known by everyone. I am familiar with it, but no matter how beautiful the scenery is, the crowds and crowds of the scenic spot can't stand the crowd and the mood of admiring the beauty is greatly reduced. How can young friends who yearn for the outdoors be satisfied with punching in regular scenic spots? ! In the clear autumn sunshine, you can walk through the quiet five-color forests of Shennongjia. Step on the soft mountain trails. Follow the forests and rivers. Look for the footprints of Shennong's "savages". Feel the majesty and gorgeous autumn light of the "Roof of Central China". The joyful journey of the mountain wind blowing the fragrant autumn leaves is full of the lingering autumn colors, the clouds steaming and the clouds are the surprise gifts of nature. I would like to invite you to enter Shennongjia in this golden autumn. In the virgin forests, on the alpine meadows, under the bright moonlight of the camps and ancient villages, bathing in the heaven and earth together with Yunjuan Yunshu of Shennongjia . The evaluation of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is:
  • Hubei Shennongjia retains the largest virgin forest in central China, which is the largest biodiversity in China. One of the three most abundant areas; it has the most complete vertical natural belt spectrum in the world, providing habitats for a large number of rare animals and plants, and is the original home of widely introduced horticultural species in the world.
In ancient times, the Shennongjia Forest Area was still a vast ocean. After the Yanshan and Himalayan movements, it gradually became a number of landmasses, and formed strata with distinctive local characteristics such as the Shennongjia Group and the Manger Garden Group. The Shennongjia is covered with a touch of mystery, which is also attributed to the legend of its "savages" footprints. What is a "wild man"? Is there really such a species in this world? In fact, "wild man" is just a folk name for an unknown animal in Shennongjia Mountain Forest and many areas. 02 Shennongding "Roof of Central China" Shennongding, the highest peak of Shennongjia, is 3106.2 meters above sea level, known as "Roof of Central China". The sea of ​​clouds is one of the most iconic natural landscapes here. magnificent spectacle. As the altitude rises, the visibility gradually improves. On the last hillside, the mist rises from the dreamy and unpredictable secret valley. Standing on the top of the magical mountain, the view is wide. All in all. 03Golden Autumn Shennongjia is the best destination for autumn viewing in October. From October to November when the rainy season is far away, Shennongjia's sky is high and the clouds are light, the golden forest and the gradually clear river will connect the unobstructed Shennong peaks with the mountains. The canyon is presented to the little friends without reservation. In the dusk of autumn, and the clouds are overwhelming, this dense forest is a little green and orange at a glance. Stepping into the vast golden autumn forest, stepping on the thick and soft meadow, weaving between the mountains, I saw the stream in the forest converge, and then winding back and forth along the alpine meadow, I saw the peaks and peaks and the clouds. Open your arms and enjoy this moment of golden autumn scenery. There is a poem that describes the climate characteristics of Shennongjia: "The foot of the mountain is straight in summer, the mountains are in spring, the foothills are bright in autumn and the top of the mountain is ice, red, orange, yellow and green at four seasons. It is the most difficult to distinguish between spring, summer, autumn and winter." Brief Introduction of Shennongjia Itinerary D1 Yichang all-day gatherings. Those who arrive early on the day can go to the Three Gorges Dam and Zhenjiang Pavilion. In the evening, they can go to Yiling Yangtze River Bridge to shoot night scenes. Zhenjiang Pavilion is the best place to shoot Yichang night scenes. D2 Yichang - Guzhao Highway (water highway) - Shennong Valley - Shennongding (watch tower) - Taiziya - Pingqian Ancient Town will first pass Guzhao Highway, then visit Shennong Valley with karst canyon landforms, and arrive at Shennongding alpine meadow , Prince Edward, where arrow bamboo forests and strange rocks are arranged arbitrarily. D3 Dajiu Lake Dawn - Slate - Xiangxiyuan - Muyu Town Dajiu Lake is known as Hulun Buir in Central China. It is a magical alpine meadow hidden in thousands of mountains and valleys. Pooled to form nine large and small lakes. Slate - 2,590 meters above sea level, named after the steep mountain-like slate, it is also a place where "savages" often appear and leave traces. Xiangxiyuan is a small tributary of the Yangtze River. According to legend, Wang Zhaojun, one of the four beauties, once lived by the stream. He often washed his hands in this stream, so the stream became fragrant. Everywhere, so named "Xiangxi". D4 Muyu Town—Tianyan Scenic Area—Tianmenya—Guanmen Mountain—Muyu Town Tianyan Scenic Area is mainly named after Yanziya Mountain Pass. There is a connection point between Yanjing and Yunzhan, which is Huixian Bridge called Yuntian Feidu. Known as the "Rainbow Bridge", this is the best place to watch the sea of ​​clouds and the sunset! Tianmenya, with clear streams and lush trees, is a natural forest oxygen bar. Every autumn, various trees show different colors, making it an ocean of colors. Guanmen Mountain is like a museum, mainly a human landscape, you can see pandas, see various museums, about the plants and animals of Shennongjia, and the history of the formation of Shennongjia, as well as the results of the savage investigation. D5 Muyu Town - Tianshengqiao - Shennongtan - Yichang - Warm Home Although it is called Tianshengqiao, it is actually a huge mountain from which a huge cave is born, making the mountain look like a flyover. Walk on the wooden plank road and enjoy the winding The winding, beautiful and tactful canyons, waterfalls pouring down from the cliffs, wildflowers and green trees drifting along the stream, and the fragrance of orchids. Shennong Altar is named after one of the ancestors of China, Shennong, who used wood as a ladder to pick and taste herbs to save the people of Limin. , built on the mountain, the main building is a giant statue of Shennong with the head of a cow and a human body. Tips: It is expected to arrive at Yichang East Station and Airport at 16:00 in the afternoon. It is recommended to book the train after 17:00 and the flight after 18:00 for the return journey. Follow me and take you to get√ more travel tips! ↓↓↓ Click the "link" below to upgrade your travel experience! This eleven, can't go to Xinjiang, can't go to Tibet, fortunately there is Hulunbuir

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