7 tricks in Tibet travel, 8 must-see attractions, 9 precautions, the most complete strategy to avoid pits

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7 tricks in Tibet travel, 8 must-see attractions, 9 precautions, the most complete strategy to avoid pits

If you have plans to go to Tibet, please bookmark it, this article will make you less likely to step on the pit! Everyone has a Tibetan dream in their hearts, and there has been a Tibet craze in recent years. Many self-driving travel enthusiasts and hiking enthusiasts have come to Tibet to experience its charm; Tibet is beautiful, but Many tourists found themselves caught when they came back;

First, the precautions you must know when going to Tibet;

First 1 o'clock, on the first day of arriving in Tibet, don't rush to climb the Potala Palace. There are many steps in the Potala Palace, and the altitude of the location is relatively high, which is very easy to cause high reaction. My suggestion is to wait until you get used to high reaction Go again; point 2, although there is no strong sunlight in Tibet, the ultraviolet rays here are particularly strong, you must pay attention to sun protection, and the climate in Tibet is relatively dry, so you should pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating during the day and night. The third point is that the temperature difference between morning and evening in Tibet is very large. You should bring warm clothes and keep warm to avoid catching a cold. It is very troublesome to catch a cold in the plateau area, and if it is serious, it may kill you. The fourth point is that if you are unfamiliar with the local environment in Tibet, do not move around freely, because in some places in Tibet you cannot enter and leave freely without a permit. Point 5, it is not recommended to buy tourism products on Barkhor Street. If you must buy it, remember to haggle the price, first bargain, then take things, don’t touch it if you don’t buy it, remember; point 6, when you arrive in Tibet Do not take a bath on the day, do not do intense exercise, it is easy to cause high reaction due to hypoxia.

Second, the 7 big pits in Tibet, how do you avoid pits;

Most Tibetans we meet in Tibet are simple and kind , but it does not mean that all people in Tibet are good people, so whether we are in Tibet or other places, we must be more careful when we go out; the first routine, if someone takes the initiative to help you take pictures in Tibet, please be sure to Refuse, otherwise you will be charged after taking the photo, don't want to leave without giving money. The second routine, you must negotiate the price first if you want to take pictures on horseback riding a bull in Tibet. If you want to take pictures, you must ask the price clearly, whether it is a one-time fee or a one-time fee. The third routine, friends traveling by car, don’t park at will in Tibet, lest someone say that you crush the grass and deliberately charge; the fourth routine, you should pay attention to negotiating the price of the chartered car, and ask “how much for one person”, don’t ask "How much is a chartered car", it is easy to be stolen and exchanged for the concept; the fifth routine, don't give money and things to Tibetan children, give one to one class, it will be endless; the sixth routine, don't take photos at will, don't touch livestock and poultry, and avoid conflicts with Tibetans. The seventh routine, respect local customs, don't catch wild animals, don't touch fish, don't go into water, don't step on thresholds, braziers, fire ponds, and don't make jokes about religion.

Third, tips for traveling in Tibet;

First, don’t inhale oxygen with a little high reaction, this will make you develop a strong dependence . Second, we all know that Tibet is very large, and the scenic spots are scattered. It is recommended to go with a group, which is easy and comfortable and saves money. 3. Skirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, and smoking are not allowed in Tibetan temples. Everyone must pay attention. 4. In Tibet, there is a custom of spitting on friends. If you can't accept Tibetans spitting on your body, you should stay away. Although it is respected and welcomed by them, it may be difficult for many of us. accept. 5. Tibetans don’t like to hang on their shoulders and be touched, so don’t be cheap; 6. If you want to take pictures, consult in advance. Many temples are not allowed to take pictures. 7. There are often poor signal conditions in Tibet, so be sure to download offline maps in advance, especially if you are traveling by car to avoid getting lost. Eighth, the prices in Tibet are similar to where we live, and some may be more expensive, but don't believe the so-called low-cost poor travel strategy. 9. Lhasa public transportation is convenient and fast, and there is no traffic jam. The starting price of taxis is 15 yuan, which is more expensive than many places.

The fourth, the most essential scenic spot in Tibet is recommended, and it is also a place not to be missed when going to Tibet;

The first, the Potala Palace, a world cultural heritage, Just in Lhasa, the first scenic spot in Tibet, you can go the next day. The second one, the Jokhang Temple, also located in Lhasa, is the highest-ranking temple in Tibetan Buddhism. The third one, Nyingchi, is the place with the lowest altitude in the Tibetan area, known as the "Southern Tibet". Nyingchi has hundreds of acres of wild peach trees, and March is the most beautiful season here. The fourth one is the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, the longest and deepest canyon in the world; the fifth one is Namtso, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. April is the best time to visit, and the holy elephant Tianmen is the place where the beauty of Tibet ends. On the north bank of Namtso Lake. The 6th, Yamdrok Yongcuo Lake, one of the three holy lakes, the plateau sapphire, the sky blue lake surface, is absolutely beautiful; the 7th, Shakyabha Peak, the top ten most beautiful snow-capped mountains in China, the mountains in Tibet father. The eighth one is Tanggula Mountain, one of the three sacred mountains in Tibet.

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